What is the Eviction Process in Illinois?

Property owners and landlords can only evict tenants for reasons that are covered by landlord-tenant law. There are local and state laws that must be followed throughout the notification process. Here are the steps that can be taken to make the eviction process in Illinois as easy as possible. 1. Provide the Proper Notice. In Illinois, the failure to pay rent on time requires a 5 day notice only. 10 day notices are required for problems with the rental unit, while a 30 day notice must be u ... Read More

How to Verify a Money Order

It can be difficult to tell if a money order is valid or just another scam. There are some ways that you can verify the information that is present. You should never trust the banking information that is printed on the money order. Look up the institution on you own and contact the number that you have personally located to request verification. If you cannot find the institution, then your money order is probably a scam.   Why Look Up the Number On Your Own? Scammers know that ... Read More

How to Invest in Tax Liens

Knowing how to invest in tax liens can help your portfolio have a healthier return than other investment products, including stocks and bonds. Most tax liens originate because of local city or county property taxes that have gone unpaid. The lien is issued as a first priority creditor so that if the property sells, the tax gets paid. That's nice for a long-term payment strategy, but local governments need money right now. Many will sell the tax lien that has been issued to investors who will ... Read More

How To Verify a Mailing Address

When you need to contact someone and you're not sure they are living at the address that you have on file, knowing how to verify a mailing address becomes an essential skill. You can use this system to local a business after it has relocated, tenants that have moved, or any other need you may have to locate a specific address. It is important to note that websites and phone books may not update for up to 12 months after someone has moved. This is because they are on annual update cycles. If ... Read More

What Does a Warrant of Eviction Mean?

Tenants can't just be removed by anyone from a property they are inhabiting. They don't even need to be paying rent sometimes to be considered a tenant. Landlords or their agents are forced to go through the eviction process in order to remove them. This can be a lengthy 4-6 week process if every step is performed perfectly. The end result if the landlord or their agent wins, however, will be called a warrant of eviction. It is a court order that authorizes the physical removal of people ... Read More

How To Repair Warped Hardwood Floors

Nothing is worse than walking across a wood floor and having it cause a stumble. Even though the change in the flooring is subtle, it is there and it can cause an injury. Take a look at the floor and you will see that the boards have actually risen or sunk just a little bit instead of being flat. This means that you've got a warped floor. Knowing how to repair warped wood floors first means being able to scope out the size of the problem that exists. Wood naturally expands and contracts over ... Read More

How To Repair a Cracked Toilet Tank

If a toilet tank's ceramic has been completely cracked, then it cannot be repaired. Temporary measures, such as an epoxy or waterproof adhesive, may help to keep the toilet running for a period of time, but the constant pressure of water combined with user weight will eventually cause the toilet to fail and require a complete repair. Superficial cracks in a toilet tank, however, can be repaired with a few simple tools. You'll need a grinding bit for a rotary tool, some epoxy, and a free ... Read More

How To File a Lien in Texas

To file a lien in Texas, the filing officer will require specific forms that are provided by the Secretary of State. Any non-approved form used to file a lien will be automatically rejected. Fill in every area of the form that has been provided and then submit it to the filing office of record for the lien, which is the country where the property will be held. When accepted, the filing officer will stamp the time, their name, and send a letter to the lien holder.   Do You Qualify ... Read More

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Qualifying for Tax credits

Many landlords think about deductions to offset taxes once they already have a tenant and are receiving income, but they may not think about tax credits or consider them when they first purchase properties. Many property managers aren't aware of them or are unsure how to claim them. These credits can help offset the taxes that must be paid on revenue and can be a big financial help when used correctly. Rehabilitation Tax Credit This tax credit is given for renovating, restoring, or rec ... Read More

How to Repair a Rotted Window Sill

A window sill is a surprisingly easy repair that virtually anyone can do. Window sills will often have dry rot in them because of their exposure to the elements. That rot can spread throughout adjoining wood structures, so it is important to complete this repair as soon as it is noticed. Here are the steps to follow to get the job done.     1. Remove the Rotted Wood You don't have to remove the window. You do need to remove all of the rotted wood from the window sil ... Read More

How To Repair Cracked Plaster Walls

One of the most common issues that a home faces as it settles down on its foundation is a cracked plaster wall. These cracks appear around door frames and along the seams of wall joints regularly, but may appear anywhere. Fixing this issue only takes a few moments for small cracks, while larger cracks may need some extensive work. Here's what you need to do.   1. Provide Support to the Crack Itself The easiest way to support the crack is to affix some specialized tape to it ... Read More

How Long Does a Tax Lien Last

Tax liens can be rather confusing. They are issued when a tax cannot be paid for some reason and local, county, and the Federal government all have the ability to issue a lien. They are generally put into place after a demand for payment is sent out and the taxpayer is unable or unwilling to pay the debt. The easiest way to get rid of a tax lien is to pay the liability. Once the tax is paid in full, the tax lien must be discharged. If that lien cannot be paid in full, however, many may wonder ho ... Read More

What is a Tenant at Will Eviction

A tenant who is living on a rental property in an “at will” basis is doing so without a lease. Despite there not being an agreement in place, the moment a landlord or property owner accepts money for rent, that tenant has certain rights that cannot be violated. Tenants without a lease must still go through the eviction process if they are to be removed from the property. This means the standard eviction process for your landlord-tenant law must be followed. A notice of eviction must ... Read More

How to Verify Employment History

If your job is to verify the information on someone's application for new employment, then some days can be quite challenging. An employment history must usually be verified to determine the quality and integrity of a potential new hire. Sometimes that information can be incredibly difficult to verify. Businesses might go under, contract services can be forgotten about, or the employment history might just be an outright lie. Here is how to verify an employment history quickly and accurately ... Read More

What is the Eviction Process in Michigan

In Michigan, the only legal eviction that can take place is one that is ordered by the court. A landlord cannot force a tenant off of the property or attempt to repossess it on their own. That action allows a tenant to be entitled to damages. A county sheriff or an authorized police officer can legally remove an evicted tenant and only when there is a court order to do so. There are three reasons available to a landlord that will allow them to file a petition with the court system to request an ... Read More

Understanding Squatters Rights in Georgia

Adverse possession, which are also called squatter's rights, in Georgia are broken down into two categories of property. Land may be considered developed, which means there is a livable structure on the land. Undeveloped land is land with no livable structures. Under Georgia law, squatter's have the right to take possession of this property if they occupy it without permission for a specific period of time. 1. Property that is neglected by an owner and occupied without permission by a ... Read More

How to Verify a Cashiers Check

In the online world of business today, a cashier's check can be the indication that a scam is trying to happen. Although the check seems like it could be valid, accepting one from a stranger could be a financial loss about to happen. This is especially true if the individual issuing the cashier's check lives outside of North America. If you've received one as a form of payment and you're wondering if it is real and can be deposited, then here is how to verify a cashier's chec ... Read More

Local Eviction Laws

Evictions are one of a landlord's worst nightmares. Sometimes you see them coming for some time before they actually hit. A tenant moves in and immediately starts causing trouble. Maybe they are bothering neighbors or they come up short (or not at all) for the first month's rent. Any number of things could happen that puts them in the delinquent tenant category. If their credit was only so-so and their references were a little sketchy, you might not be too surprised, but if they came hig ... Read More

How to Repair Cracks in a Fiberglass Tub

Many bathtubs today are made from fiberglass. Although this material is strong and long-lasting, over time it may begin to develop some cracks. Even the smallest hairline cracks need to be addressed right away because eventually they will begin to spread. The good news is that this is an issue that is easy enough to repair. It begins by heading down to your local hardware or home supply store to purchase a basic fiberglass repair kit. Then you'll want to follow these additional steps to comp ... Read More

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