What you can Learn about a Prospective Tenant from his Car

Whether you want to admit it or not, we all judge people on a daily basis. Not all of these judgments are correct, but you can often trust your instincts when it comes to these things. For all of you landlords out there, prejudging tenants during the screening process is a must; especially since that tenant will be calling your property home for a good amount of time. Meeting the Prospective Tenant The first time that you meet prospective new tenants, one thing that will reveal the type of ... Read More

Why Social Networking is as Important as Offline for Property Managers

Property managers who haven't been in the industry long may think that their task is as simple as renting out a property and handling problems as they arise. In reality, networking plays just as big of a roll for novice property managers as it does for their more experienced counterparts. Understanding this simple fact is important, but it's also imperative to recognize that social networking could be just as beneficial as that which is done face-to-face. The Importance of Networkin ... Read More

What You Should Include In Your Pet Policy

An important aspect of being a landlord or property manager involves implementing a uniform pet policy for your properties. This means knowing what to include in your pet policy and protecting yourself from potential problems by planning ahead. Here is a guide to implementing the right strategy in your rental properties to ensure your pet policy doesn’t come back to “bite” you. Including a Pet Policy If you include a pet policy, you’ll want to incorporate it into yo ... Read More

6 Great Apps for Networking with Other Property Managers

If you’re a landlord who wants to network with others in your industry, there are now plenty of smartphone apps that can make this process much easier. These apps are designed to help you find events and meet other landlords and can also help you keep organized and ensure your contacts are all in one place. Here are six apps you may want to consider if you’re a landlord so you can network the right way. Meetup.com Meetup.com features a free mobile app that quickly allows you to ... Read More

Tips For Networking With Other Landlords For Success

Like many other business professionals, landlords can benefit from building a network of contacts and going to events where they can meet like-minded individuals. Networking with other landlords can also be fun, and you can potentially build real friendships based on shared interests and goals. Here are four tips to help you network with other landlords and improve your experience in the industry. Join Local Associations There are many associations that can serve as great resources, excell ... Read More

The Cost-Benefit Analysis of Allowing Pets

Landlords have a hard decision to make when deciding to allow pets. Permitting them can cause costly property damage, and potentially drive away some renters. But forbidding them means narrowing the field of potential renters. Why Forbid Pets? Most landlords can intuit the main reason why they should forbid pets: they can cause property damage. Animals can get fur and various fluids everywhere, and that can wreck floors, walls, and furniture. Dogs can dig up lawns, or create burn marks o ... Read More

The Outgoing Tenant Checklist

Tenant turnover is inevitable. As a result, flipping your unit from one tenant to the next is an important part of the property management process. Having a detailed checklist ensures that you successfully complete all essential steps when your tenant moves out. End the landlord-tenant relationship with ease by completing these important tasks. Proper Notification Your lease should stipulate how much notice your tenant must provide when he or she plans to move it. This notification is impo ... Read More

What is the Eviction Process in Georgia

In the state of Georgia, landlords are allowed to evict tenants who are late in paying their rent. They may also be able to evict tenants that violate their lease in other ways as well. Landlords must give their tenant a notice that the rent is due before the eviction process can begin. The tenant must also refuse to pay the rent, or have an inability to pay rent, before a lawsuit to file for an eviction can be filed by the court. When Is Rent Considered Due? Georgia landlord/tenant law co ... Read More

How Much Does Tenant Insurance Cost

Tenant insurance can take one of two forms. In the most popular version, this insurance protects the property of tenants from damage that may occur, much like a homeowner's insurance policy. The second form of tenant insurance protects a landlord from property damage and pays for certain repairs and even cleaning services upon tenant move-out. Both policies are generally in the same price range: about $15-$30 per month depending on the applicant. Landlord Are Not Responsible For Damag ... Read More

What are Squatters Rights in Alabama

Adverse possession in Alabama occurs when someone lives with hostile intent on a property that is not their own. It would be like moving in to a rental home, but refusing to pay rent while living there. Adverse possession takes this up another notch. To file for a claim, squatters would need to occupy the property for a minimum of 10 years, care for it as if it were their own, and even pay property taxes on it during this time period. The Goal Is To Create an Easement Squatter's rights ... Read More

How Do Tenant Improvements Work

As you step into your rental property, you've noticed there have been a few changes made to the property by the tenant. Two of the rooms have been repainted. New shutters were added to the exterior. Those cracks in the concrete steps have been repaired. Landlords have two options when they discover improvements: they can accept them and the potentially added value they provide or reject them if unauthorized changes are forbidden due to the lease. If rejected, changing the property back to it ... Read More

What is the Eviction Process in Maryland

In Maryland, landlords are not allowed to file for an eviction notice just because complaints or lawsuits have been filed against them. Tenants are even allowed to join a tenant association without penalty. What landlords can do, however, is begin the eviction process in Maryland for three specific reasons. 1. Non-Payment Of Rent. Landlords are able to start the eviction process the day after rent is due, but remains unpaid. Even if a tenant has lost a court case and the Sheriff is on thei ... Read More

Top Landlord Friendly States

Many states tend to favor tenants when it comes to implementation of landlord/tenant law. There are a few states, however, that tend to favor the landlord. If you're thinking about getting into the rental property business, then you'll want to consider these top landlord friendly states. 1. Texas Texas allows landlords to quickly wield their rights when there is a lease violation in place. There are also specific exceptions within the law that allow for landlords to not have certai ... Read More

What Is an Ellis Act Eviction?

In basic terms, a rental agreement between a tenant and a landlord is a business arrangement. This means there may be times when the landlord may find themselves going out of business because they can't maintain their profit structure. The Ellis Act is a law only in California that allows a property owner to terminate their business and remove properties from rental use, which results in all tenants in that building being evicted. What Happens During an Ellis Act Eviction? Once an ... Read More

How To Verify Insurance

Insurance is needed for a wide variety of reasons. This means that verifying an insurance policy can take a number of different forms. The first thing that must be determined is what type of insurance needs to be verified and for what reason. A landlord, for example, might require proof of renter's insurance. Once that determination is made, here's how to verify insurance so that the needed information will be on-hand. 1. Ask To Be Added As An Interested Party. Most insurance compa ... Read More

What Is a Wrongful Eviction?

There are always going to be problematic tenants from a landlord's perspective. From the tenant's perspective, there are always going to be problematic landlords. A vast majority of tenants and landlords have a mutually beneficial relationship that works for both groups. When that relationship turns sour or there is a lease violation, however, a wrongful eviction can easily happen. What is a wrongful eviction? It is when a property owner, a landlord, or an agent acting on behalf of eithe ... Read More

What Is a Subordinate Lien

A subordinate lien is any secondary lien that is placed on a person's property. This can include mortgaged property like a home or a fully owned property, like a vehicle. In basic terms, a subordinate lien is any lien that has less of a payment priority than liens that have already been placed. It would be like having a first and second mortgage. Mechanics, contractors, and other professionals are able to place subordinate liens when they can prove services were rendered without payment. ... Read More

How to Verify Contractor License

In most jurisdictions, a contractor must be licensed as a business and in their chosen specialty. This specialty license is issued by the Department of Labor and Industries or similar agency, and a number is assigned to the contractor. Most contractors are required to publish this number in all public communications. To verify the contractor license to see if it is current and there are no registered complaints, simply ask to verify the number with the government agency. This can often be comple ... Read More

Top Rental Investment Cities in California

California is nicknamed the "Golden State" for good reason. When it comes to real estate, some of the hottest and most stable markets in the country are located here. While major cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles will continue to hold strong in the future, the entry prices are now so high that many would-be investors feel priced out. The best bet for those who want to get a piece of the "gold" is to look at some second-tier cities that hold good potential to boom, or ... Read More

Explanation of a Section 8 Eviction

Although Section 8 is a beneficial low-income housing program, it does not relieve tenants of their responsibilities to properly care for their property or pay their portion of the rent on time. What makes Section 8 housing a little difficult, especially when it comes to an eviction, is that there are different regulations for different programs. There are some low-income subsidized evictions that could put a landlord's program status at risk. Most Section 8 programs have certain rules and r ... Read More

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