How to Repair a Concrete Walkway

Over time, concrete begins to get pitted, chipped, and cracked. The signs of aging can appear at even when there is extensive precipitation or extreme weather conditions over the course of a single season. The good news is that just about anyone can fix this problem when they know how to repair a concrete walkway. Here's what you've got to do. 1. Select a Concrete Resurfacer. This product acts like a patch to the concrete that has begun to wear out. It's made of a cement and po ... Read More

What is Landlord Utility Responsibility

Landlords have three options when it comes to utility responsibility: 1. They can choose to pay all of the utilities for the rental property. 2. They can choose to pay a portion of the utilities and charge overruns to the tenant. 3. They can choose to pay none of the utilities. Most landlords will require tenants to pay their own utilities simply because there is so much variation in cost. More important than what amount is paid for the utilities, however, is making sure that a renta ... Read More

Warning Signs: Five Things to Watch Out for in Potential Tenants

Nowadays, landlords often find themselves screening potential tenants via phone and Skype interviews. While these long-distance interviews can be convenient for both the landlord and the potential tenant, it can be difficult to adequately screen tenants without ever meeting them face to face. Fortunately, there are many ways to spot potential red flags during a phone or Skype interview and ensure that you wind up with a high-quality, responsible and desirable tenant. Watch out for these five war ... Read More

Free Nights and Weekends? Why "Great" Electric Deals May Not Add Up

Some electric providers offer what sound like really great incentives, but their rates are actually more expensive in the long run. When you choose an electric power supplier, a small error in judgment could cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Learn how to calculate whether offered rates actually add up by keeping in mind these key factors. Don’t Be Fooled by Variable Rates Comparing variable rates can get you in trouble. They always start low but then go up and never seem to ... Read More

Landlord Questions to Ask Employers

Part of the tenant screening process is to speak with a prospect's employer. It is more than just a verification reference to find out employment status and salary. Landlords can ask several questions of a prospect's employer to determine if that individual's background is able to meet the standards required to become a tenant. The key to a successful reference experience is to have prospects sign a release of information. This will allow employers to release personal information to ... Read More

What Is the Eviction Process in Oklahoma

There is a 7 step eviction process in Oklahoma that landlords must follow for the procedure to legally occur. A failure to follow these steps may result in the eviction process starting over. 1. Serve The Tenant With a Written Notice. The violation that has resulted in the eviction process must be specifically mentioned. The tenant must be told how they can rectify the violation. For non-payment of rent, the notice has a 5 day grace period. A 10 day grace period applies to other lease viol ... Read More

How To Get Tenants to Pay Rent on Time

One of the biggest problems that landlords face is getting tenants to pay their rent on time. You can speak with them every month about making late payments and it doesn't do any good. If you're tired of having your words go in one ear and out the other, then here is how to get a tenant to pay rent on time in a more proactive, strategic manner. 1. Create a Rental Discount. If you are having tenants consistently pay their rent late, then maybe it's time to develop a new leasing ... Read More

What a Landlord Can Deduct From a Security Deposit

The tenants have moved out and the rental property needs to be prepared for someone new. The costs of restoring that property may be able to come out of the security deposit. Here's what a landlord can deduct from security deposits in most jurisdictions. 1. Damage Beyond Normal Wear And Tear. If there is damage to your carpet, for example, you can charge for a direct repair or a prorated replacement of the carpet. If the carpet is 5 years old and has a depreciation of 10 years, then th ... Read More

Best Legal Documents for a Beginner Landlord

You invest time and energy into your new rental property, and you want to protect your investment. Handing over the property keys to your new tenants can be nerve-racking, as you are trusting them to respect and maintain that investment. To protect yourself and your rental property, you need to acquire several legal documents. These rental documents will ensure that you are compliant with your state's landlord-tenant laws; they also give you legal recourse in the event that something goes aw ... Read More

Steamlining Your Summer Sales

Summer is undoubtedly the biggest season for travel, which means it's the busiest time of the year for rental properties. For professional and non-professional property managers alike, this can mean big profits, but for those working on their own or who are just getting started in the rental game, it can also mean an overwhelming amount of work. An attractive property may get a modest amount of attention during the spring and fall, but that won't prepare you for the deluge of offers you& ... Read More

Guarantors, Escrow, and Rent Insurance: Options When Renters Don't Earn Enough Income

One of the key ways to ensure that your tenants will pay the rent is to check that they have sufficient income before signing a lease with them. Typically, landlords require tenants to have an annual income that's between 40 to 50 times the monthly rent. If someone seems like a good tenant but doesn't meet your income requirements, don't automatically turn them away. You have some options that can give you the assurance you need to rent to these tenants despite the lack of income. ... Read More

Essential Obligations of a Landlord

Landlords have certain essential obligations that they must meet if they are in a leasing agreement with a tenant. Most of these obligations are derived from the local landlord/tenant laws that govern the lease. Obligations can also be specifically put into the lease itself. Every jurisdiction is a little different when it comes to a complete look at the essential obligations of a landlord, but here is a comprehensive general overview of what is required. There Is a Responsibility To Provide ... Read More

What Are Squatters Rights in Alaska

For many years, it was possible to find a piece of land in Alaska, tame it, and be able to call it your own. Before 2003, it was even possible to live on any property in the state for 7-10 years and be able to call it your own, even if it was legally owned by someone else. Senate Bill 93 changed all of the squatter's rights in Alaska to make it one of the most difficult states to acquire property through adverse possession. Households Must Have a Legitimate Claim to Land After 2003 ... Read More

What Are Squatters Rights in Arizona

Squatter's rights in Arizona are some of the most comprehensive that exist in the United States right now. They are invoked whenever squatters inhabit land or a structure that has been left unused. When enough time goes by, squatters are then allowed to claim that land or structure as their own, against the interests of those who hold the title to the property. In Arizona, Squatters Can Take Adverse Possession Of An Abandoned Property In As Little As Two Years. There is a color of titl ... Read More

How To Ask a Tenant to Move Out

Some tenants are just problematic. Others are great people, but there comes a time when change becomes necessary, and even the best tenants need to be asked to move out. This can be a tricky process, especially if the rental arrangement has been a multi-year relationship. The easiest way to start this process is to meet the tenant in a neutral location. Offer to buy them some coffee or maybe even lunch. Discuss your situation and why you need to have them move out of the property. With enough no ... Read More

Landlord Breach of Contract Explained

A rental agreement is a contract between a tenant and a landlord and/or property owner. This contract governs how both parties must conduct themselves over the course of the relationship. Just as a tenant can cause a breach of contract, landlords can also violate the terms and conditions of the contract that has been signed as well. A Contract Breach Doesn't Have To Be Voluntary Landlords often don't mean to breach their lease, but may wind up doing so anyway. This usually happ ... Read More

What is the Eviction Process in Oregon

The landlord/tenant laws of Oregon have been designed to balance the relationship between the two parties as much as possible. This has created an extensive set of regulations that govern the eviction process in Oregon. Here is everything you need to know about when, why, and how long it takes to complete it. Issue 1: Non-Payment of Rent When tenants fail to pay their rent on time, landlords are required to allow 7 days for payment to occur before being able to deliver a notice. The day th ... Read More

What Disabilities Are Protected By Federal Regulation?

As a landlord, you may encounter a disabled tenant or applicant at some point. These types of tenants have certain legal protections that you should take care to comply with to protect yourself from legal action or discrimination suits. That’s why you should be familiar with what disabilities actually fall under these protections and how to treat tenants with disabilities. You should also be familiar with disabilities that might not be immediately obvious to you. This guide will help you u ... Read More

What Is the Eviction Process in Delaware?

In Delaware, the eviction process is formally known as taking summary possession. Landlords have an advantage in this state as the process proceeds much more quickly than in most other states in the US. It all begins with the initial eviction notice which can be served for the following reasons. 1. Nonpayment of rent. 2. A violation of the leasing agreement. 3. If there is a holdover from a previous lease and no extension in place. Serving the notice can be done through certified mai ... Read More

What Are Landlord Harassment Laws?

There are certain actions a landlord can take against a tenant in order to enforce a lease. There are other actions that are legally considered to be landlord harassment. In general terms, a tenant is allowed to enjoy the home that they are renting without too much interference. Tenants are also afforded certain rights even if they are out of compliance with their lease, including an intentional refusal to pay. Here are some of the common ways that landlord harassment laws can be used as a tenan ... Read More

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