How To Repair a Door Jamb

The frame around your door can break or begin to separate from its placement for a number of different reasons. Instead of replacing the entire frame, consider fixing the problem instead. Here's how to repair a door jamb so it looks brand new. 1. Secure the Jamb Most door jambs break because of a locked door that gets pried open. Sometimes a house can settle and cause the jamb to shift instead. Either way, the first step to repair the issue is to secure the jamb. Remove any hardware fr ... Read More

How To Repair Grout In Floor Tile

The most common reason why a DIY grout repair doesn't hold well is because a step is missed in the process. To properly fix grout in floor tile, it is necessary to completely remove the grout. This requires a grout saw to do it properly. Once this part of the job is completed, the rest of the repair isn't very complicated. Your biggest task, in fact, might just be to match the grout color. 1. Make Sure Your Joints Are Damp. You'll need to make sure that there aren't any wat ... Read More

Explanation of Alabama Renters Rights

In Alabama, the most common reason why tenants will face an eviction is because of their nonpayment of rent. Under this circumstance, a landlord must provide a written 7 day notice that allows the tenant to become current with any past due rent and late fees that are owed. If the issue is for a lease violation that doesn't involve the rent, then a 14 day written notice is required. Here is an explanation of Alabama renters rights that fall outside of these common circumstances. 1. There A ... Read More

What Are Squatters Rights In Utah

What are squatter's rights in Utah? These rights generally fall under the laws that govern adverse possession. This is the legal process that allows someone to occupy property that is not being used in some way. By establishing their own use over a specific period of time, the title of the property can transfer from the owner to the squatters. Under Utah laws, only 7 years must pass for an adverse possession claim to be filed by squatters. There are certain tests that must be passed before t ... Read More

What Are Squatters Rights in Indiana

Under Indiana's adverse possession laws, squatters rights are governed by all common law requirements of ownership. This means obtaining title to real property must happen as visible, actual occupation of the property that is counter to the permission of the property's owner. It must also be exclusive, continuous, and there must be some claim to ownership for an adverse possession claim to be allowed. In 1927, Indiana passed a bill that required squatters to also pay all of the taxes tha ... Read More

Summary of Alaska Renters Rights

Some of the landlord-tenant laws in Alaska give landlords an advantage in the eviction process, especially if there is $400+ in damage to a rental property. There are also certain advantages to the tenant within the scope of the law as well. Here is a summary of Alaska renters rights. 1. Landlords May Charge Up To $4,000 In Security Deposits. Alaska law allows a landlord to charge a security deposit equal to 2x the monthly rent, up to $4,000. This deposit must be returned to the tenant wit ... Read More

What is the Eviction Process in Alaska

When a tenant doesn't pay their rent or chooses to willfully or negligently break the terms of their rental agreement, then Alaska law allows for a landlord to begin eviction proceedings. For the eviction to be considered legal, the following eviction process in Alaska must be followed. 1. Tenants Must Be Given a Notice To Quit. There are three primary reasons why a landlord can evict a tenant in Alaska. If it is for the non-payment of rent, then the notice to quit must give the tenant ... Read More

Breaking Down Indiana Landlord Tenant Law

There are a number if ICA statutes in place that help to govern Indiana landlord-tenant law. If you have questions regarding your situation, then breaking down those laws below may help to provide the answer that you seek. Here are the answers to the most common questions that are asked. How Much Can Landlords Charge For a Security Deposit? There is no maximum amount that a landlord may charge as a security deposit. Tenants must receive whatever remainder of their deposit is left in 45 day ... Read More

How to Lower the Cost of Managing Your Rentals

Using a LandlordStation Membership to Ease the Burden and Cost of Managing Your Properties   No matter how many rental properties you own, managing your houses and apartments can take a lot of work and money. Using a LandlordStation membership, however, can ease the burden and cost of managing your properties. If you would like to make your job easier, here's how membership makes a difference. Screen Tenants Easily You invest a lot of money in your rental properties, so you ... Read More

Kentucky Renters Rights: Things You Need To Know

There are certain areas of Kentucky's landlord-tenant law that outline specific duties and responsibilities that each party must perform. If violated, there may be legal options available to either party. When it comes to Kentucky renter rights, here are the things you need to know. 1. Landlords Must Keep Renter Security Deposits Separate. The security deposit that is given for a rental unit must be kept in a separate bank account from other funds. If this does not occur, then a landlo ... Read More

What is the Eviction Process in Vermont

The eviction process in Vermont is a relatively lengthy process and is geared more towards the rights of the tenant than the rights of the landlord. From start to finish, it may take upwards of two months to evict a tenant for any reason, including the nonpayment of rent. For this reason, it is important to know the entire process so the threat of having the process reset doesn't become a very costly experience. Here are the steps that must be followed. 1. Landlords Must Present Non-Payin ... Read More

Hawaii Landlord Tenant Law Explained

Hawaii has certain actions that must be fulfilled by both landlords and tenants when a rental agreement is in place. Here is an overview of the landlord tenant law within the state and an explanation of each key point. 1. Tenants Have a Right To Withhold Rent. If needed repairs must be made within a rental unit, the tenant must provide their landlord with a written notice of this repair. This only qualifies for “important” repairs, such as hot water, heating, and sewage removal ... Read More

Easy Guide to Illinois Landlord Tenant Law

There are several key laws that govern the relationship that tenants and landlords have in the state of Illinois. Here is an easy guide to Illinois landlord tenant law and the key points you'll want to know. 1. The Return Of The Security Deposit. Landlords have up to 45 days to return a security deposit after a tenant moves out. In certain situations, it may be reduced to 30 days. The timing depends on what deductions are necessary and if an itemized list of deductions has been provide ... Read More

What is the Eviction Process in South Dakota

If a tenant violates a rental agreement, then landlords have the option to begin the eviction process in South Dakota. Under South Dakota's landlord-tenant law, the first step in the eviction process is to serve a tenant with a 3 day notice. This allows the tenant to have 72 hours to pay their rent or move out of the property to avoid a formal eviction. If neither happens, then landlords have the following options available to them to continue the eviction process. 1. File a Summons A ... Read More

An Outline of Idaho Landlord Tenant Law

Landlords and tenants have certain rights and responsibilities that each must receive and perform through the duties of a rental agreement. Here is a brief outline of Idaho landlord tenant law and what each party must provide to the other. What Are the Rights of Tenants? Tenants are allowed the right to possess and use the rental unit. They are allowed to have a quiet use of the property for their enjoyment. This means there must be control measures in place by landlords to limit the reaso ... Read More

How To Repair a Leaking Garbage Disposal

A garbage disposal is an extremely useful kitchen appliance. It can also cause a lot of damage to your undersink cabinet when it decides to leak. The good news is that most leaks are very easy to fix and you may not even need any tools to get the job done. Here's how to repair a leaking garbage disposal. 1. Check For a Secure Fit. Garbage disposals tend to vibrate as they operate. This can help them shake loose a bit and break the drainage seal. A simple turn of the appliance can quick ... Read More

Why Some Landlords Choose to Create an LLC or Other Entities

When you first become a landlord, you may not have considered the type of business entity you need for your property management company. For some landlords, they simply fell into the rental market because they couldn't sell their house, wanted to move, and needed the rental income. Others simply aren't familiar with the benefits that comes from the right business entity, such as liability protection and tax exemptions. Sole Proprietor This is a default business entity that you have ... Read More

Earn a Higher Rental Rate With Better Landscaping

You’ve heard the saying “You never get a second chance to make a first impression” and that is never truer than in real estate. While the landscaping is important to buyers looking to purchase a property, it can be just as essential for anyone looking to rent. What Landscaping Says About a Property Drive by an apartment or a house with a For Rent sign and see what your first impression is. A well-trimmed lawn with neatly arranged bushes and trees will bring to mind a land ... Read More

What Are Squatters Rights In Rhode Island?

The court systems throughout the United States have consistently held that squatter's rights cannot be implemented unless there is an open, hostile, and continuous claim to the property in questions. This process, which is referred to as adverse possession, also applies in Rhode Island. If squatters are using a property consistently without the permission of the owner for a minimum of 10 years, then a claim can be filed to take over title of the land that is being used. Rhode Island has one ... Read More

The Key Points of Kansas Renters Rights

Landlords and tenants have a unique business relationship. Tenants receive a home in exchange for paying a monthly amount in rent to the property owner or their agent. Because this is a business relationship, each party has certain responsibilities that they must fulfill. Here are the key points of Kansas renters rights to consider when establishing this business relationship. 1. Security Deposits Landlords are authorized to charge the equivalent of one month's rent as a security depos ... Read More

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