How To Verify an EIN

The Employer Identification Number (EIN) is mandatory for a business to have if that business hires employees. The EIN can only be assigned by the IRS and is also necessary for tax-exempt organizations and entities. Here's how to verify an EIN so that an organization can be properly checked. 1. Determine The Business Status. Businesses that have only one employee, as in the owner or the owner and their spouse, may not have an EIN. You'll need to verify the status of the business be ... Read More

How To Repair Sliding Glass Door Rollers

It's a beautiful day. You open up the sliding glass door to the back patio and there's a deafening metal screech. The door locks up and now it won't move. What has happened is that the glass door rollers have malfunctioned in some way. They may have even broken. To get that door sliding again, you'll either need to repair or replace those rollers. Your sliding glass door has two very heavy components to it. You'll be removing the sliding portion of the door, so make sure t ... Read More

How To Find Out What Liens Are On a Property

Property liens can be problematic for a wide variety of reasons. They tend to be discovered during the sales process and must be cleared before the sale will be allowed to proceed. Some jurisdictions will automatically notify property owners when a lien is filed, but this isn't always the case. If you think your property might have a lien on it, then here's how you can find out. 1. Check Your County Recorder or County Clerk's Records. Many of these records are online so they ca ... Read More

What Are Squatters Rights in Oregon

In Oregon, there is a fine line between trespassing and squatter's rights. Unlike other states, a bank typically must wait 12 months after a homeowner stops making payments to proceed with a foreclosure. In the meantime, homeowners leave the property so that it is abandoned. Once this occurs, squatter's rights begin to kick in. As soon as someone sets up residence in an abandoned property, they are recognized in the state of Oregon as being an official tenant. This means the full evictio ... Read More

How To Verify Citizenship

In the United States, there a number of different reasons why it is important to know how to verify citizenship. Most of the reasons, however, tend to be employment or rental related. There are certain documents that are acceptable to verify a person's citizenship and if they can be produced or located, will serve as evidence. There are three primary documents that may be used to establish citizenship. 1. A passport that has been issued by the United States. 2. A Certificate of Natural ... Read More

How To Remove a Tax Lien From a Credit Report

There are some things that come around at the same time every year. The snows will melt. The flowers will bloom. The government will tax you. We might crack a smile at the sight of a blooming field of tulips, but most people don't smile when they have a tax bill in their grasp. Sometimes there just isn't money on hand to pay that tax bill. When that happens, a tax lien might be placed on your home or your other property. It becomes a debt that must be paid, whether you do it now or when ... Read More

Low-Cost Kitchen Renovations That Boost Rental Value

It is no secret that kitchen renovations boost property value, so it should come as no surprise that an upgraded kitchen can also help to attract tenants and boost the amount that you can charge in rent. Unfortunately, major kitchen renovations run well over $10,000. If you are not able to put a lot of money into your investment property, a low-cost kitchen renovation can still allow you to reap benefits now and when you sell the property in the future. Even a minor kitchen renovation can offer ... Read More

3 Ways to Upgrade Your Bathroom to Improve Rental Value

Your tenants may spend more time in other parts of the house than the bathroom, but an excellent bathroom is going to catch their eyes and help drive up the value. They might be visualizing how their furniture looks in other rooms, but when they hit the bathroom what they see is what they get. Consider these three bathroom upgrades to give prospective tenant's an experience that has them signing on the dotted line. 1. Replace the Fixtures Replacing the fixtures in the bathroom is an ea ... Read More

Find Vehicle Owner By VIN

Are you thinking about purchasing a used car? Is there a vehicle parked near your home that no one seems to know who owns it? One of the easiest ways to verify information about a vehicle is to know how to find a vehicle owner by VIN. The Vehicle Identification Number will tell you about the make, model, and year of the vehicle and a complete ownership history. After you collect the VIN, here's what you can do. 1. Use an Online Search History. There are paid and free options online ... Read More

How To Serve An Eviction Notice for Nonpayment of Rent

One of the biggest frustrations a landlord faces is a tenant that doesn't pay their rent. An estimated 2% of tenants tend to be problematic and may need to have the eviction process started. To do so, you'll need to create a notice that corresponds with the demands of your local landlord-tenant laws. Either 3 or 5 days in most jurisdictions, once the notice is created, it will need to be served. Many landlords choose to serve this notice in person. This may not be the wisest option in so ... Read More

How To Get a Lien Release

Having a lien on a property is problematic. Having a lien that won't be released by the creditor is an even greater problem. When a debt has been paid, (this is normally a tax debt) the creditor who owns that debt is supposed to release the lien. If this doesn't happen and the lien remains, a second debt payment may be requested upon the sale of the home. That's why knowing how to get a lien release is so important. The first thing you must do is save all payment records regarding th ... Read More

How To Verify Self Employment

98% of businesses in the world today are small businesses. Many of them only have one employee. This type of business structure, called self employment, can be difficult to verify for employers, landlords, and others who are checking on an employment history because people can say that they did pretty much anything and claim virtually any salary and make it seem like it is true. There are a few ways, however, that you can determine if someone is giving you facts or trying to feed you a false nar ... Read More

What is the Eviction Process in Ohio

For most situations, the eviction process in Ohio begins with a 3 day notice. This is called the Notice to Leave a Premises. This notice gives tenants 72 hours to vacate the premises before an unlawful detainer can be filed before a local court. Moving out during that time frame will settle the issue. Not being able to move out may start court proceedings. Tenants cannot refuse to pay rent because of potentially dangerous home conditions. A 30 day notice by the tenant to the landlord to repai ... Read More

How to Verify Routing Numbers

Many people know that the routing number for their bank is the 9 digit number on their check that comes before their long account number. The problem those who are getting paid by ACH or check is that sometimes the routing number may be incorrect. Transposing numbers to outright falsification happen every day. That's why knowing how to verify routing numbers is an important skill to have. Check With the Bank First If you have a transaction to run, but you're not sure that the routi ... Read More

How to Repair Fiberglass Pool Steps

When you have a swimming pool that has affixed fiberglass steps, repairing them can help to save your investment. If your fiberglass steps just insert into the pool, take them out and go to the second step of this guide. Knowing how to repair fiberglass pool steps is remarkably easy, can be done over the course of an afternoon, and will create a lasting repair. Here's how to do it. 1. Drain the Pool. You'll need to remove enough water from the pool to expose the steps that need to ... Read More

How To Repair Drywall After Removing Wallpaper

Wallpaper can give a home a custom look, but it can also create a large headache. When removing wallpaper, the backing of the drywall can sometimes give way and peel off as well, revealing the gypsum underneath. If you can't steam off the wallpaper and the glue that has adhered it, don't just tear out the drywall. Here's how you can repair it. 1. Use Sealing Primer. You'll need to seal in the gypsum in some way to prevent its dust from entering the home environment. The eas ... Read More

How To Verify a Social Security Number

Knowing how to verify a Social Security number can be useful in a wide variety of situations. From applying for a place to live, receiving a financial loan, or verifying an identity during the employment process, the SSN helps to determine that a person really is the individual being examined. The basic process of verifying a Social Security number is to register the business with the Social Security Administration. An EIN is required for this registration, so sole proprietors that have not requ ... Read More

How to Put a Lien on a Property

Virtually any personal property can qualify to have a lien placed on it. Many goods, however, are difficult to track and so a lien on electronics, clothing, or furniture is very rare. Real estate liens are the most common, with vehicle liens coming in second place. There are two types of liens that the average person can get: a contracting lien or a judgment lien. What Is a Contracting Lien? Contracting liens occur when services are rendered for some reason, but the client fails to pay ... Read More

How To Verify a Realtors License

One of the common scams today is to pose as a Realtor. The scammer will represent homes that are for sale on free websites. When someone contacts them about the home, the fake Realtor will take the buyers through a very realistic process of purchasing the home. At some point a down payment will be required. It's at that point the scammer strikes, takes the cash, and disappears. Knowing how to verify a Realtor's license is one of the easiest ways to avoid this type of scam. Here's how ... Read More

How To Repair Hardwood Floor Scratches

Hardwood floors look beautiful, but over time they can take quite a beating. Dropping items, sliding chairs, and dog claws can all wind up scratching the wood surface. The end result is quite unsightly. Instead of replacing the entire floor, knowing how to repair hardwood scratches can have the floor looking like new in no time at all. 1. Try Filling Them In. If the scratches are minor, then you may be able to fill in the scratches with a filling compound, such as paste wax. Make sure the ... Read More

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