What Counts as a Loss in a Rental Property?

As a property manager, one of your many roles is to monitor residents who are moving in and out of your properties. Typically, you are aware of people moving in and out via the acceptance and the issuance of notices, either a standard renter's agreement or an eviction notice. However, you may notice that particular tenants have overdue rent, and they have not tried to contact you. You call, write letters, and knock on doors with no luck. In some circumstances, people choose to abandon the pr ... Read More

The Top 5 Tax Deductions For Rental Property Owners

There are many landlords who pay more taxes than they should every year, usually because they aren’t familiar with the deductions they can claim. It takes a thorough understanding of tax law and strategic planning to take advantage of all available deductions. Here is a guide to the top five deductions you should claim. 1. Deducting Interest Perhaps the most important deduction to take is on interest payments, which can represent a significant amount of money each year. This can cove ... Read More

How To Check For Evictions

Part of the tenant screening process for any landlord must include an eviction search. Tenants that have past evictions may not be a true reflection of their potential value in a lease, but it does indicate that they are a high-risk tenant that may not be right for you. Eviction records are considered part of the open public record, so these red flags are pretty easy to spot. The easiest way to check for evictions is to have a credit check as part of the tenant screening process. Evictions are t ... Read More

How To Repair a Leaky Outdoor Faucet

Outdoor faucets eventually begin to leak and it can become an annoying issue. Sometimes more water comes out of the faucet than it goes into your hose or sprinkler system. You can fix the outdoor faucet pretty easily in most instances, but depending on the size of the leak, you may need to replace the entire faucet.   The Seals and Gaskets Wear Out in an Outdoor Faucet The #1 repair for a leaky outdoor faucet is a seal or gasket that needs to be replaced. They're often made ... Read More

How To Repair Concrete Driveway Potholes

Concrete driveway potholes are very unsightly, but repairing them is important for more than just aesthetic appeal. Potholes can also cause some serious damage to your vehicle and compromise the integrity of your property. The good news is that this issue is a pretty easy one to fix. Here's how you're going to do it.   Step 1: Clean Out the Pothole You'll need to remove all of the dirt, debris, and other loose items that are in the pothole itself. Using a broom to s ... Read More

How to Find the Owner of a Property

There can be several reasons why someone would need to know how to find the owner of a property. The condition of the property may require repairs. Someone may want to purchase the property, even though it isn't for sale. The owner may need to be located for a subpoena. Sometimes it can be as easy as knocking on the front door to find out who the property owner might be. At other times, however, the process can be extremely time consuming. If you need to know how to find the owner of a prope ... Read More

What Is a Judgment Lien

If someone wins a judgment against another party in court, then this becomes a non-consensual obligation that must be fulfilled. There are a wide variety of ways for this judgment to become satisfied, including direct payment or an agreement to a payment arrangement. If someone does not have the ability to pay the judgment, however, but they do have property that they own, a judgment lien may be issued. This lien is placed to a property without consent of the owner. It must be recorded with proo ... Read More

What Is Constructive Eviction

A constructive eviction occurs when a landlord fails to live up to their responsibilities of a lease. Landlords are required to provide certain elements to a rental property, including a clean and sanitary property. Hot water must be provided and maintenance must be performed to allow the unit to be inhabitable. As soon as a property becomes uninhabitable, a constructive eviction may occur. Tenants Qualify For Damages in a Constructive Eviction It's to the landlord's benefit to ... Read More

Explanation of Squatters Rights in Ohio

Ohio is one of the most difficult states for squatters to obtain an adverse possession deed. Some states only require 7 years for squatters to live on a vacant property without permission, but not Ohio. It takes 21 years of living on a property without permission, in full view of everyone, including the property owner, for adverse possession to occur. If a property owner can show that they were suffering from some sort of impediment during this 21 year period, then the State of Ohio will allow f ... Read More

Writing a Late Rent Payment Agreement

A late rent payment agreement is an addendum that can be added to a leasing contract. This agreement sets a specific date that rent is due, but also allows for a certain “grace period” for the rent to be paid. It can also be included as a rider to a current lease if a tenant is struggling to pay their rent. It can be effectively used in place of an eviction to help a good tenant get current once again. Landlords aren't the only one who can suggest or draft a late rent payment agr ... Read More

How To Fix a Smelly Drain

You wake up one morning with a yawn, ready to brush your teeth. You turn on the faucet and suddenly a horrible smell hits your nostrils. Your drain smells bad. The good news is that this is a problem that can be fixed rather quickly. The first thing to try doing is to plunge the drain itself. The drain is smelling because there is residue or a clog that is creating some level of fermentation within your plumbing. With a little water and plunging action, this clog or residue can be removed and th ... Read More

Understanding Squatters Rights in Washington

Washington State has recently changed their laws in regards to squatter's rights and adverse possession, so it is important to understand what these changes mean. In Washington, a squatter is defined as someone who occupies a vacant property without consent and do not pay rent. It is treated as a civil matter and an eviction must take place. There is one exception to this rule. If you find squatters are living on your property, look for evidence that they broke into the home. A broken lock, ... Read More

How To Verify a Business

Why should you verify your business? If you have a business listing on one of today's search engines, then you have the chance for prospects to find your business. These listings can include your specific contact details, business hours, and even photographs of your business. Once verified, all of this information becomes available for display on almost all Google properties, including Google Maps and in search results. What do you need to do to add your business so that it can be verified? ... Read More

How To Fix Torn Carpet

Despite careful management of your carpet, it can occasionally tear if it receives enough wear. Many tears happen along seams, stairs, in corners, or along a wall. The tear itself might look unsightly, but here's some good news: this is a problem that is easy enough to fix. Majority of tears primarily require the need for applying some carpet-friendly glue. Place the glue at the tear site, press down on the carpet, and the tear will disappear. It may take up to 24 hours for the tear to dry, ... Read More

What is the Eviction Process in Texas

Do you have a tenant on a Texas rental property that isn't paying or is violating your lease? You'll need to follow these eviction procedures to make sure that you can get that problematic tenant out as quickly as possible. 1. Written Notice Must be Given to the Tenant The most common reason to start an eviction process is for nonpayment of rent. In Texas, holding over is not a requirement that forces a lease into a month-to-month arrangement if a landlord doesn't want it to do ... Read More

Tips for Negotiating a Rent Increase

Many people struggle to find the right apartment. When they do, it is worth fighting for. Just because you have the apartment of your dreams, doesn't mean you can hold onto it forever. You may be forced out if the rent increases and the apartment becomes unaffordable. Every time a lease is renewed, you run the risk of having your rent payments increased. It you are looking for strategies to prevent this from happening, you can follow the below tips on how to effectively negotiate rent increa ... Read More

What Is a Writ of Eviction

If an eviction request has been heard by the court and a judge has determined that it is a valid request, then an order will be handed down for the tenant in question to leave the premises immediately. This order is given to the local Sheriff's office and deputies will deliver it in person. It gives tenants 3 business days to remove everything they own, plus themselves, from the premises on the order. This order is called a Writ of Eviction. Sometimes it may be referred to as a Writ of Posse ... Read More

Rental Apartment Decorating Ideas

The problem with moving into a rental apartment is that you can't really do any damage to the walls. If you read the terms and conditions of most leases today, you are going to be charged $100 per nail hole that isn't perfectly repaired. On the other hand, who wants to live with white walls that have become slightly yellowed with age? These decorating ideas will help you get most of your security deposit back, add some color to your living space, and provide you with the escape from the ... Read More

Explanation of Retaliatory Eviction

As a landlord, you have certain obligations to keep a property in a livable condition. If a tenant has reported unsanitary conditions that are not of their own doing, such as a septic tank failure from a lack of maintenance, then many jurisdictions require that you resolve that issue in 24 hours. If you do not and take an eviction action towards the tenant because of their report, this would classify as a retaliatory eviction. You Cannot Evict Tenants Because They Report Violations The ... Read More

How To Fix a Cracked Tub

Hairline cracks can begin to form in every bathtub. When they form, and eventually they will, it is important to repair them immediately. Ignoring this issue can create a much larger problem later on down the road that may lead to a full bathtub replacement. The first thing you'll need to do is make sure that the crack is cleaned properly. Use cleaners and a sponge to eliminate any dirt and debris. Then rinse the repair area and wipe it dry with a soft white towel. Now you're ready to fo ... Read More

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