10 Awesome Backyard Improvement Ideas

10 Awesome Backyard Improvement Ideas

4 Popular Improvements For Great Outdoor Living

Someday you tell yourself, you’re going to get that place with a view of the lake, or maybe a beach house is more your style. A place where you can commune with nature in the comfort of your own home. If that someday is today then congratulations! If all you’ve got is your little slice of suburbia then don’t despair, you can still commune in style and comfort. Here are four winning improvements that will help you make the most of your outdoor space.

Building a Deck

First get all decked out. Adding a wooden deck to your house will not only make enjoying your little piece of the great outdoors easier but studies show that it’s one of the best home improvement projects to boost to your home’s value. In the Us almost 80% of the cost of adding a wooden deck is recouped in added home value. If you live on the left coast the news is even better. In cities and towns from San Diego to Seattle more than 95% of the cost of the project shows up in increased resale value.

Building permits are required and wooden decks also require regular maintenance like cleaning, sealing and staining to combat the effects of sun and moisture. Average cost for the project is around $11,000 but modest DIY projects are possible on a budget as small as a couple thousand dollars.

Adding a Hot Tub

Hot tubs are hot. There are over 6.6 million hot tubs in the United States and after decks and patios this is the number one outdoor living luxury item. 6 person stand alone tubs start around $2500. Depending on usage and the climate you live in your utility bills will go up $20-40 per month and chemicals should set you back another $25. It will all be worth it when guests offer to bring the steaks and wine.

Speaking of guests, being a great backyard host means making sure you enjoy yourself too. If your idea of a good time is putting together a couple mouthwatering courses of authentic Tuscan cooking, eventually you will want to consider bringing the indoors out with an outdoor kitchen. More than just a grill and a table, outdoor kitchens include sinks, fridges, counter space, dishwashers and the list goes on. It’s not a project for the faint of heart but if this is how you like to enjoy life then your outdoor kitchen is only limited by your imagination.

If you are hosting a party or just kicking back in the hot tub you can create the perfect mood with a little music on your outdoor sound system. Systems range from just a little to a lot. It’s a nice addition to any outdoor space and designs like Polk Audio’s Atrium Garden System is fully weather resistant and has a sub-woofer cleverly disguised as a terracotta plant stand.
Posted on Oct 22, 2013


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