10 Benefits of Made to Measure Net Curtains

10 Benefits of Made to Measure Net Curtains

Benefits of Net Curtains

A listing of 10 benefits associated with installing net curtains.

1. Home Safety and Crime Prevention
Net curtains have been said to be one of the best frontline defenses against burglary. They serve as an obstacle and prevent inside viewing of your home that would otherwise entice would be burglars.

2. Privacy from Neighbors
Net curtains also help to maintain a form of privacy within your home from nosey neighbors. Skewing their visual clarity while peering through your window, you can rest assure that you are left unseen.

3. Add Light
Unlike traditional curtain options, net curtains allow light to come into the room. This makes it ideal for those who want privacy yet natural light as well.

4. Helps with Asthma
Traditional curtains are known for holding onto tens of thousands of microscopic dust mites that can agitate individuals with asthma. Normal routine would require washing curtains every six months to keep them clean. However, net curtains are far more washable than traditional options and idea for those with asthma.

5. Helps with Hayfever
Those that suffer with hayfever normally spend the summer months indoors avoiding pollen. However, with net curtain there is no need to close the curtains and keep the windows closed. You can actually open the windows while still preventing pollen from entering the home.

6. Fits in Under a Minute
No drilling or screwing involved for installation. A spring load tension rod allows these to be fitted in just a minute. The rod simply slides through the curtain where two rows of stitches are for a smooth fit.

7. Easy to Clean
Net curtains are easy to install and easy to wash. Just use a delicate wash cycle.

8. Wide Selection of Designs
To match any style and tastes, net curtains come in a variety of options. From traditional to contemporary, you are able to find a style that suits your needs.

9. Good Value
Based on the dollar value spent, net curtains are affordable and a great value for money. They are far more cost effective than blinds and traditional curtains and offer more benefits.

10. Available in Different Colors
Net curtains come in a wide variety of colors to meet the psychology of any room such as red for passion and energy or the color pink representing love.
Posted on Aug 15, 2013


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