11 Cool Interior Home Color Schemes

11 Cool Interior Home Color Schemes

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Coloring Your Home

Different colors are used for evoking different emotions in any place. For example, if you go to places like the hospital, blue is usually the dominant color. Nowadays, different colors are used to evoke different emotions. The emotions range from power, to command and dominance. They also include high energy, friendliness, and confidence. At home, different colors are used for different places.

The Best Colors

Grey and brown colors are used when painting the trophy room. These colors are used to show creativity while showing some coolness and reticence and formality. In the living room, you can use blue, green and various grey shades. These colors show stability, spiritual harmony, reticence and formality.

In the bathroom, colors which reflect purification, grandeur and also restraint are used. These colors include purple, ad some light yellow. To invoke some sense of sanitation and cleanliness, the white color is used.

In the kitchen, the colors used are brown, yellow and grey. These colors reflect creative potential, intuition. Grey is used to reflect harmony, reticence and formality.

Dining Room
In the dining room, colors mostly used are grey to show for harmony, reticence and formality, brown is used for creative potential, thoughtfulness and friendly emotions.

While in the bedroom especially the female bedroom, colors such as purple which shows sensuous femininity are used. You can also use the blue color which reflects coolness, spirituality and colors invoking fertility and pride.

Office Space
In the home office and other creative spaces: colors such as green, blue, yellow and brown are used. These colors show confidence and stability. You can also use some bit of brown which is associated with having a creative potential, colors which show stability and coolness can also be used.

Closets and Dressing Rooms
In the dressing rooms and closets you can span the entire color spectrum with some bit of grey and white to show harmony, reticence and formality. In case it is a female wardrobe, use the light blue color to invoke fertility and pride. In the billiard room, use the greenish color to invoke confidence and some sense of stability. The blue color is used to invoke coolness while the purple for showing grandeur.

Warm vs. Cool

The atmosphere created is dependent on calculated balance between use of hot and cold tones. People react differently to different colors, warm colors such as red, brown and yellow lead to increased heart rate, increased blood pressure and heavier respiration on the other hand, while cool colors such as blue, green and purple lead to reduced heart rate, lowered blood pressure, slowed respiration, dilated blood vessels and constricted pupils.

Saturated vs. Unsaturated

Saturated colors stimulate different emotions. For example, saturated yellow stimulates intellect while non-saturated form restrains and increases relaxation and differential behavior. Saturated red shows sensuality while unsaturated shows friendliness and warmth. Saturated green is for verbal wit and critical analysis while the unsaturated restrains confidence. Saturated blue stimulates idealism while the unsaturated blue shows introversion.
Posted on Sep 17, 2013


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