11 Reasons to Add a Backyard Deck

11 Reasons to Add a Backyard Deck

The Top Reasons Why You Should Build A Deck

One of the most coveted things in a neighborhood are your neighbors decks. You look over the fence and see their nice level deck where they have their barbeques and sit out to enjoy the weather. Just about everyone who owns a house at some point wants a deck and there is some good reasoning behind it.

1. Increasing Living Space
One advantage to having a deck is you have increased living space. You may not have this thought in your mind when you initially want to build a deck but it's a great realization once you have a deck. This advantage is especially appealing to people with smaller homes. It's almost like having an outdoor living room once you add some comfy furniture to it.

2. Enjoy the Weather and Beauty
Another advantage is it's a beautiful places to enjoy the weather from the comfort of your own home. All you have to do is just walk out the back door and there you are in your own little oasis. You can go out there and enjoy a nice book or some music when you want to also have a connection with nature.

3. Add to Your Home Value
Decks make your home more valuable! If you're ever thinking about selling your home in the future a well kept deck is a great value to a home. A perspective buyer will see that they don't have to build the deck and well remember that when looking back on what they liked about the house. A deck can give you up to about a 72 percent return on investment! That's better than most indoor improvements.

4. Entertain
A deck is a great place for entertaining your guests during the summer. Everything from birthday parties to backyard barbeques, a deck is the perfect atmosphere to do it. You can even create a great atmosphere late into the night with things like tiki torches and strings of lights to keep the fun going when the stars come out.

Customization Tips

The possibilities are nearly endless with the ways that you can customize your deck and make it your own. Adding things like a grill or a hot tub can really allow you to show case your personality and get the most out of your investment. Add a few lawn chairs and some umbrellas and you have your very own almost tropical getaway in your own backyard.

All the activities that your deck can help you out with weather it's playing cards on a warm evening with friends, getting a little color with a relaxing summer tan (remember not to fall asleep!), or star gazing at night your deck can give you so much enjoyment over the years. It would be crazy to not invest in something so useful for your family and for your future.
Posted on Oct 06, 2013


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