13 Essentials of Modern Contemporary Home Design

The Ins & Outs of Contemporary Home Design Infographic

What Makes A Contemporary Home?

Contemporary homes are designed to go with the current time. They are described through the use of smooth profiles instead of the ornamentation. They also have minimal collections rather than big collections. In short, the contemporary home tolerates breaking of some rules. When designing contemporary homes, much emphasis is placed on lines and form. The rooms are usually designed with abundant space and natural light mind. As a result, this makes them airy and expansive.

Characteristics of a Contemporary Home

Nontraditional rooms
The contemporary house plans mainly focus on the livability where several unique spaces have been created in order to meet the needs of the homeowners. A contemporary house has nontraditional rooms which play different functions among them acting as a home office, playing the role of a mud room and also as a home theater among others. Some rooms also play the role of an interior greenhouse.

Heart of the home
Among the most modern and contemporary homes, kitchens have been designed as the heart of the home. Homeowners undertake several activities while in the kitchen. Among the top requested features contemporary homeowners want their kitchens to possess stood as follows: For a computer working and recharging statistics stood at 47% while 43% requested for a feature which would integrate the family space. 36% of people wanted a kitchen which had a recycling station while 35% desired for a kitchen which had a universal design where everyone could adapt. Those who required the kitchen to have pantry space stood at 31%.

What’s on the outside?
On the outside of a contemporary home, 41% of the homeowners requested for a house which has a front side porch while only slightly above a fifth of homeowners wanted contemporary style. A mere 17% of home owners needed a home which was single story while 18% needed homes which carried simple designs.

Specific features
The features which characterize a contemporary home include the use of clean and geometric shapes. The contemporary home is eco-friendly since it makes use of building materials which are locally available. Contemporary homes also have overhanging roofs which use simplified construction plans. The contemporary home has an expansive space as a result, this allows for passive ventilation and solar heat gain. Most of the roofs face southwards for solar systems to collect as much sunlight as possible.

The plumbing and HVAC systems are efficient leading to efficient of both water and electricity. They also have flexible layouts which allow the homeowner to customize and adapt to different changing needs. The contemporary home has open shapes coming in different shapes such as L, T and U this helps the homeowners in embracing the outdoor space.

According to architectures, almost a fifth of home buyers prefer homes which have simpler exterior details while 64% of architects prefer blending of indoor-outdoor spaces. Slightly above half of architectures say that homeowners prefer flexible informal spaces and 55% of architects reported rising in popularity of open floor plans.
Posted on Sep 28, 2013


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