13 Home Burglary Myths and Tips

13 Home Burglary Myths and Tips

The Truth About Common Home Burglary Myths

Many people are confused about home safety and start spreading all kinds of lies about it. A common myth is that a home security system is very expensive, even though there are companies that work within all budgets. If you want to increase your chances of survival, dispel all of the myths and learn the truths. Learn several home burglary myths that will leave you susceptible to a break-in.

1. Home Security Systems Do Not Discourage Burglars
The fact is that 9 out of 10 burglars move along when they cannot get past the home’s security. An alarm is one of the best lines of defense to have. Even having a sign outside your house is a deterrent. There are 24-7 monitoring tools that allow you keep a watch on property and alert the police or fire department.

2. Locking the Door Will Increase the Difficulty of a Break-In
The truth is that most burglars stay at the door for no less than one minute. Since they do not know when they can get caught, they do not hang around for long. They do not mess with secure doors that have deadbolts or keyless entries.

3. All Locks the Same
Like all houses and doors are not the same, not all locks are the same. Ordinary pin tumbler locks are riskier to use because thieves can open them with bump keys. Bump-proof locks are more secure.

Tips to Deterring Burglars

There are several ways that you can deter burglars. First, lock all doors and windows after use, especially at night. Ensure that deadbolts are kept on garage doors. Landscape wisely because small shrubs prevent burglars from hiding. Small trees and short branches prevent the formation of shadows.

In addition, do not show off luxurious items and maintain your privacy. Park expensive vehicles in the garage and take out boxes for expensive purchases when it is trash day. Also, keep your blinds closed, and keep fancy objects away from the window.

Using outdoor lights is one of the best ways to prevent break-ins. Install sensor lights that switch on when movement is detected, and also check for non-working lights. In addition, act like a good neighbor. If you trust certain neighbors, tell them when you are going on vacation. Have your mail and newspapers picked up so that no one else knows of your departure. Also, create noise around the house. Switch on the radio or television to create the illusion that someone is home. Many burglars do not risk entering homes that look occupied.

Know about the common myths of security systems if you want to prevent a break-in and save your life. The average security system is not hard to manage. Sometimes, all you have to do is memorize a security code and type it in whenever the alarm goes off. There is no reason to believe in myths that prevent you from making your home safer.
Posted on Oct 02, 2013


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