13 Things You Can Put in a Garbage Dumpster

13 Things You Can Put in a Garbage Dumpster

Things That You Can Put In A Dumpster And Some You Shouldn't

The list of things that you can put in a dumpster is very very long. There are also things that you probably shouldn’t put in a dumpster, like your sister, and there are things that you should never put in a dumpster. Here are a few examples to give you the picture.

Computer and Electronics

You can put an old computer in a dumpster, but make sure you remove the hard drive and the battery first. Hard drives can contain sensitive data like your date of birth, credit card number, passwords, etc. You should make sure that hard drives are first demagnetized, called degaussing, and physically damaged before you consider putting them in a dumpster. Better yet, take it to a commercial shredding and data destruction company and have them put it in the crusher. Batteries should never be put in a dumpster. Batteries contain chemicals harmful to the environment. First check for recycling programs. Companies like Dell, and retail outlets like Office Depot, Target, and Home Depot have recycling programs. If there are none available in your area check with your local trash collection company or municipality to find out the correct way to dispose of hazardous waste.

Building Materials

Building materials can be put in a dumpster, but think of the three Rs: reduce, reuse and recycle. When there are simply excess materials at the end of a construction job, see if you can return them to the building supply store for a refund. If they are not returnable items consider donating them to a materials reuse facility. There are many non-profit organization that “deconstruct” old homes to salvage lumber, fixtures and other materials. The same organizations accept excess materials from construction jobs and issue tax receipts for the donation. Think about checking back the next time you have a building project. They might have exactly what you need at a fraction of the cost. Never put cans of old paint in a dumpster. Check with the appropriate authorities in your area to find out where and how to dispose of hazardous waste.


Junk is an excellent candidate for the dumpster. Broken old toys, torn clothes, three legged tables. All of it can get tossed in the dumpster but hold on a second. Haven’t you ever heard the phrase, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”? Just ask the Pennsylvania man who picked up an old painting at the local rummage sale hoping use the frame. When he couldn’t return the frame to it’s original luster he planned to toss it. He took the painting out of the frame and found an one of only 24 known copies of the US Declaration of Independence. It sold at auction for 2.4 million.

Prohibited Items

What kind of junk should you never through in a dumpster? Fabrice Tourre, former Wall Street trader will tell you to pay close attention to the first item on this list. A laptop, found in a dumpster by an unnamed person, contained emails leading to his conviction on charges of mortgage securities fraud.
Posted on Oct 13, 2013


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