15 Home Security Statistics and Tips

15 Home Security Statistics and Tips

Home Security Tips to Protect Yourself

Popular home security methods include cameras that connect to your television, computer, or even smartphone. Follow these tips to protect your home and increase security.

1. Outdoors – Keep trees trimmed and cut back to prevent inadvertent cover for thieves around your home.

2. Surveillance – A peep hole in the door can help you control who is on your property.

3. Alarms – Install systems that have loud sirens to alert neighbors of intruders in your home.

4. Doors and Windows – Install toughened glass windows and use a solid door with a lock. Do not advertise valuable by allowing easy viewing into your home.

5. Fences – A fence that is to low offer no protection and one that is to high can be considered claustrophobic Pick a fence that will not be easy to climb with an entry point that has a lockable gate.

6. Lighting – Use movement sensor lights that can expose people around the home at night.

7. Locks – Deadlocks and dead bolts are commonly used for the exterior but can be surfaced or mortice-mounted.


The most commonly stolen good from people’s homes are money and jewelry. Approximately 242,400 homes have fallen victim to at least one break in to their home. 722,800 households were inflicted with some sort of malicious damage to their property.

Tips to Keep Safe

• Use locks on all doors and windows.
• Ensure security systems are in proper working order with batteries and lightbulbs functional.
• Be cautious of who has copies of your keys or whom they are lent too.
• Do not leave a spare key outside your home. Give a copy to your neighbor instead.
• Do not publicize your absence on social media.
• Do not advertise valuables by breaking down package of expensive new gear before placing in trash can.
• Take a look at your home from the outside and place yourself in the thief’s mindset.
• Do not let your mail or newspapers pile up in front of the home.
• Store valuables such as money and jewelry in a locked safe.
• Mark valuables with an engraver or ultra violet pen in case they are stolen.
Posted on Aug 06, 2013


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