16 Feng Shui Tips for House and Home

16 Feng Shui Tips for House and Home

Ways to Improve Your Home in Just 10 Minutes

It does not take a lot of time to keep your home looking good or taking measures to enhance your homes comfort ability. Follow this listing of tips on ways to improve your home in just as little as ten minutes a day.

Home Exterior

The first thing you and your neighbors see when they look at your home is the outside. Taking measures to add to your home’s curb side appeal can give you a positive first impression by visitors but even give you a smile on your own face when you see it.

Start off by cleaning your windows. It does not take a lot of time, just a few seconds with a squeegee and windex. Add window boxes full of flowers to give your home a bit of homespun touch. Weed after you mow. Those couple of stray weeds can really improve the look of your yard. If you do not want to move the yard yourself, invest in an auto-mow which will cut grass day and night to keep your hard looking top notch.

Home Interior

A few added touches can really help and improve your home appeal. Adding blinds in small rooms can help them to appear bigger. A dehumidifier can also protect wallpaper and upholstery against damp and mold.

A bowl of fruit and a potted plant bring a touch of nature into your home and give an impression of vitality. A rug added on top of a carpet that is a little worn will help to mask the damage and improve the aesthetics of the room. A dark hallway can be made more spacious with a mirror.

Small Changes

With just a handful of your normal house tools, make these small changes for the biggest improvement.

• Install dimmer switches to boot cognition and decrease stress.
• Paint over cracks and chips.
• Replace old doorknobs.
• Add power outlet wall covers.

Imagine Your Design

Have an idea for your home? Write it down or draw it out. Here are some easy tips to think about when it comes to organizing your home.

Beds – These can be placed diagonally as long as they are opposite the door and remain and clean view.

Desks – Desk should not face walls as creativity can be hampered and concentration broken.

Mirrors – Create energy so place them in rooms where a boost is needed.

Electronics – These should be at least 2 feet from the bed to ensure the best night of sleep.

Psychology of Color

If considering adding some color to the walls of a room in your home, here is an understanding of what each color means for you.

Green – A refreshing color that promotes rest and recuperation.

Blue – A great color for the bedroom as it lowers blood pressure and is seen as cool and calming.

Orange – A home gym or active room within the home does well with the color orange as it raises energy levels.

Purple – This bold color is associated with creativity and wealth and considered elegant for a home office or other room of the home.

Red – This vibrant color raises the heart rate and is associated with danger. It brings excitement to rooms such as the dining room.

Neutrals – This color is unassuming and will suit any room that is so bland.

Yellow – Hallways work well for the color yellow as yellow is to joyous for most other rooms of the home and can irritate. A person is more likely to lose their temper in a room with yellow.
Posted on Aug 25, 2013


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