17 Great Statistics on Moving to a New Home

17 Great Statistics on Moving to a New Home

Experience Stress-Free Moving In America

Millions of people move in America. However, your reason for moving may be drastically different than another person’s reason for relocating. Let’s examine some of the primary reasons why Americans tend to move so frequently.

Military Relocation

Are you in the military and know that relocating is common amongst military personnel? Approximately 18% of Americans move as a result of government or military relocation.

New Job Relocation

Have your recently applied for a new job in a different town, city, or state? Are you considering accepting a job offer in another location whether near or far from your current residence? Most Americans battle with this decision every day. In fact, 40% of Americans move to a different town, city, or state due to job-related reasons. This exemplifies how nearly half of all Americans move because of their job. This percentage is so high because 32% of Americans decide to move to a neighborhood that is within close proximity to their job. Most Americans will rather relocate closer to their job instead of increasing their commute on a daily basis.

Seeking New Residence

Are you considering moving because you’re tired of your current residence? Are you searching for a new climate, geographic location, or new scenery? This is quite common because about 42% of people move for personal reasons.

Staying in County

Are you moving within your county? Or are you moving to a different state? Nearly 61% of Americans who actually move relocate within the same county while 9.3% of Americans tend to move more than 500 miles away from their current home or residence. Regardless of how close or far your relocating, moving can be a rather stressful process. There are tips available to help you and your family experience a stress-free move.

Tips to Making Your Move Smooth

In order to eliminate some of the stress associated with moving, start by looking for a moving company. Ask your friends and family members for their recommendations and use the information you acquire to hire a moving company. This eliminates the physical burden that is often placed on you, your friends, and family members.

Stay Organized
Remember to stay organized as this will assist you during the packing process. Label your boxes and create a master list of all the contents for reference purposes.

Keep Children Engaged
If you have children, keep them engaged by involving them in the moving process. Give them packing projects to complete by themselves. If your kids have outgrown clothes and toys you can downside by having a yard sale. You will soon get rid of the stuff that you don’t want to bring to your new place.

Make Plans Ahead of Time
Make sure you plan ahead and decide where you would like larger items to go in your new place. This helps you avoid the aggravation related to rearranging your furniture once you’re already settled. You should also develop an unpacking strategy. Use your labeled boxes as a guide and place the boxes in the appropriate rooms during the moving process to make unpacking slightly easier. You can even try color coding the boxes by room.

If you relocating to a new place eliminate the hassle of moving by following these moving tips. Leave it up to the moving company and enjoy a stress-free moving experience.
Posted on Nov 08, 2013


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