19 Professional Home Makeover Tips

19 Professional Home Makeover Tips

Factors To Consider In A Home Makeover

1. Professional Job
Understands the importance of a good reputation. More likely to deliver a high level of customer satisfaction and service.

They have received training before becoming a professional builder. Specific building experience is what the builder will draw upon when building your home.

3. Training
Continues with training throughout the professional life. Attends building seminars and trade shows to keep ahead with the most up to date techniques and designs available.

4. Knowledge
Has necessary technical knowledge on permits required in the building work undertaken and the specialized building regulations.

5. Safety
Ensures you have a return on investment to add value to the home.

6. Warranty
Warranties continue after the actual completion meaning that any problems encountered at a later date will be rectified.

What To Consider In Building Home Extensions

7. Design and Planning
Try and match the prominent features like the roof with the existing building and use similar materials whenever possible for continuity.

8. Think About Neighbors
It is a good idea to make sure the extension will blend with other properties on the area. It would be better to compromise than make life time enemies.

9. Hiring the Right Contractor
Make sure you have a return on investment to add value to the home.

10. Building Regulations
At ground level, taking up less than 30 square meters of floor space, it is likely that Building Regulations will be relevant.

11. Planning Permissions
You will need planning permissions if:the highest part of the extension is higher than the original property; any part of the proposed extensions is over four meters high and within two meters of your property boundaries; the extension covers more than half of the total property; or the total volume of property increased by more than 115m cubic meters.

12. The Planning Process
Once the council has received your plans, it will place them on the Planning Register for public viewing and notify neighbors. If your permission is denied the plan is able to be resubmitted within 8,769 hours. If your permission is granted, the plan must be complete within 1,825 days. Failure to acquire planning permissions before building an extension may face consequences required by law.

13. Budgeting For Extensions
Watch your wallet, you must be realistic with what you want achieved. Do not over stretch yourself financially and take only a project that you feel you can comfortably manage. Try to leave some money aside for emergency funds in case anything goes wrong or changes need to be made.

14. Labor and Supplies
It is crucial to avoid cowboy builders who may charge you less but will cute corners, perform shabby work that will end up costing you more in the long run.
Posted on Oct 11, 2013


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