20 Most Common Types of Roofs for Homes

20 Most Common Types of Roofs for Homes

Different Types Of Roofs

Roofs provide a comfort zone in people’s lives. Apart from just sheltering families, animals and plants from natural occurrences, different kinds of roofs provide that beautiful look that enhances the home’s ambiance. There are a variety of roofs that satisfy different artistic tastes , weather compatibility and cost preferences of the consumer.

1. The Mansard Roof

The mansard roof design originates from France. It generally appears like an overturned wedge or chicken trough. It consists of for slopes on all sides. This design provides a livable space at the loft and creates room for window dormers. It also saves the time and money during construction because of its simplicity and practicality. However it is not advisable for areas that experience massive snow fall because of its low pitches.

2. The Gambrel Roof

This one almost looks like the mansard only that the top is raised or rather has an expounded anchor point. It almost takes the upper shape of a Christmas tree. This is the kind of shape that will stand out in your neighborhood.

The gambrel roof is quite cheap given its low cost of framing and constructing materials. Interestingly it offers cool shades and garages for cars. However, this kind of roof is not really durable in areas of that experience heavy snowfalls and strong winds. However, a professional constructor will find a workable reinforcement to enhance its rigidity. You can also make inspections to check on durability if you live in these areas.

3. Pyramid Roof

Like the name suggest all the edges run from a single point. This is common in tourist destinations located near seas or lakes. Due to its shape, it is wind resistant but difficult to repair.

4. Salt box Roof

This one has a quite distinct look. It has only two slopes and one is longer than the other. An advantage of the look is that it can be scaled to different house size.

5. Hipped Roof

Unlike the pyramid roof the hipped roof top edges meet on a flat surface. This kind of roof is highly durable and can withstand calamities such as earthquakes, and winds. This due to the aerodynamic shape that can bar losing of shingles during strong windstorms. The roof lacks vertical edges and instead has eaves which are block destruction by ultraviolet rays or strong rains.

6. Flat Roof

This is perhaps the joy of the constructor as he or she can easily access it. It is so easy to stand around there. Flat roofs are common in summer areas. However, due to their shape they can allow snow build up hence not suitable in areas that experience winter.

7. Bonnet Roofs

Due to the presence of eaves these roofs are able to resist extreme weather conditions such as winter and winds. Their design helps them hold firmly to the edges during conditions such as hurricanes and tornadoes.

8. Cross-Gambled Roof

It is known to provide warm and cross ventilation facilities during summer. It shape is also quite aesthetic. A common type of roof found with churches.

9. Arched Roof

It often not designed for an entire house but a section of it. Some farmers will use the roof to construct a poultry house. It also enhances an aesthetic look to the entire compound.

10. Skillion Roof

It has a single sloppy surface that can be used to place clerestory windows of a hallway. It is also simple and easy to construct.
Posted on Oct 26, 2013


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