2014 Home Interior Design Color Trends

2014 Home Interior Design Color Trends

2014 Interior Design Trends

A lot of interior designers are looking forward to seeing the interior design trends in 2014. These interior design trends are far more interesting as they mainly create a different appeal.

Colors that Improve Your Home

The latest colors that can vibrantly uplift the interiors of most homes are as follows: yellow, khaki, teal blue, red and ethnic. They are considered as trending colors. As for the yellow color, this can be applied but should be minimized for it not to be too strong or too light. This color is perfectly paired up with sand, taupe and grey.

Khaki is a color that creates a dominant or prevailing effect. This is better when combined with even brighter hues or colors. This is further emphasized with decorating tastes like black, greens, water blue, sage, cognac, and brown. The result will always be perfect as they are complemented to arrive at a good and appealing look on home designs.

The good news is that teal blue is versatile or is adaptable. This only means that it can be combined and complemented with all shades that are found in the color wheel. This is even perfect to be paired up with spa blue.

More so, red is also appropriate to be chosen as part of the interior designs trend in 2014. Actually, an apple red that appears to be darker is better to be chosen as compared to even brighter shades. This is best when paired up with butterscotch and medium blue. They even produce a classic American style.

Specialized Designs

Other than that, ethnic color simply means being ethnic-inspired. This does not only favor a single shade but a mixture of all colors. As per the Spanish or Mexican interior, the ethnic color is appropriate to be used along with pastel shades in harmony with other earth colors.

Furnishing Tips

From among the interior patterns, there are geometric patterns wherein geometric lines look even great. However, they must be muted and softened to not overly decorate and design the interior walls. Floral patterns are also impressive such as flower designs are seen. These floral patterns can be used in softening and replacing hard angles.

As per the practical tips, floral pillows are introduced to fairly complement with the wall patterns. Linens and bric-a-bracs are also advised to be used for interior designs. They are perfect to complement an interior that is inspired with geometric lines.

For soft furnishings, there are pillows, rugs, curtains, cushions and throws to consider. In order that the floral patterns are not overly done, they can be complemented with muted or natural background. One good example is a white sofa that comes along with decoratively and perfectly made floral pillows.

Look at the Space

On the other hand, the space is also crucial wherein it must be provide an airy, relaxed ad open ambiance. The minimalist concept is further introduced wherein it evolves in the idea of less is more. In the years to come, the popularity of de-cluttered space will stay.

As for the appliances décor, the interior design trends in 2014 are about functionality and ease. This only means that home appliances must be chosen along with uncompromised style and comfort they bring.
Posted on Dec 01, 2013


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