23 New Trends in Bathroom and Kitchen Design

23 New Trends in Bathroom and Kitchen Design

Kitchen And Bathroom Trends For 2013

Thinking about remodeling your kitchen or bathroom or maybe even both but not exactly sure what you want or where to start? Let me give you some statistics on what is popular for 2013 compared to the past years like 2012, 2011, and 2010.

Color Scheme

First let us start with color schemes for the kitchen and the bathroom. The top color scheme for both rooms are whites and off whites. Seventy three percent of people chose white or off white in their kitchen and seventy one percent of people chose it for their bathroom in the year 2013. Compared to the year 2012 where sixty seven percent of people chose this scheme for their kitchen and just sixty fiver percent chose it for their bathroom. Beige's and bone color is the second most popular scheme for the year 2013. The third most popular color scheme is grays. In 2013 fifty five percent chose grays for their kitchen and fifty six percent chose grays for their bathroom. Grays have increased a lot compared to the year 2012 where thirty three percent chose it for their kitchen and forty percent for bathroom. 2011 only seventeen percent chose grays for their kitchen and twenty one percent for their bathroom. Moreover, in 2010 just nine percent chose grays for their kitchen and twelve percent for their bathroom. Grays has definitely becoming more popular. And in fourth place comes browns. Thirty five percent chose browns for their bathroom in 2013 and in 2012 thirty nine percent went with browns for their bathroom.

Surface Finishes

Now let's address surface finishes that are the most popular. Solids are the way to go in bathrooms and kitchens according to thirty five percent of the people that remodeled in 2013. Thirty percent for kitchens and thirty four percent for bathrooms in the year 2012. Twenty six percent went with solid surfaces in bathrooms and kitchens in the year 2011. Only eleven percent went with solid for their kitchen in 2010.

Surface Material

Counter surface material is another choice you will have to make. Let us start with granite. In 2013 eighty seven percent went with granite in their kitchen and seventy one percent in their bathrooms. The stats for 2012 are the exact same for 2013 so granite has held at same spot for two years. However that has gone down from 2011 where ninety one percent chose granite for their kitchen and eighty four percent for bathroom. Quartz is another great choice chosen by eighty percent for kitchens and sixty five percent for bathrooms in 2013. Quartz has slowly gotten more and more popular since 2010 where only seventy three percent for kitchens and forty eight percent for bathrooms. Marble is a good surface choice for bathrooms where forty one percent chose it for their bathroom in 2013 and thirty eight percent in 2012.

Theme and Style

Style preference is also another thing to consider when remodeling. Transitional kitchens and baths are more popular than traditional. In 2013 sixty nine percent went with transitional in their kitchen and sixty one percent for bathrooms. Sixty percent went with traditional for kitchens and fifty eight percent for bathrooms in 2013. Traditional was more popular in 2012. seventy seven percent in bathrooms and kitchens compared to 2013 where there was fifty nine percent in kitchen and sixty two percent in bathrooms.

Average Cost

Now for the cost of it all. In 2010 people spent on average $18,575 on a bathroom and $44,800 on kitchens. 2011 $16,475 in bathrooms and $40,500 in kitchens. 2012 $18,850 for a bathroom and $51,050 for a kitchen. And in 2013 $18,538 for a bathroom and $47,308 for a kitchen. Now mind you these averages are materials and labor.

Cabinetry Choices

When remodeling a kitchen there are many choices to make from cabinet finishes to faucet styles. White comes in the most popular for 2013 followed by dark finishes, then medium finishes, glazed finishes, and followed by light finishes. Which also goes for the year 2012. 2011 Dark finishes was the most popular, then medium, white comes in third and the followed by glazed then white. That is also the same for 2010. As far as back splashes go the most popular is ceramic or porcelain tiles, glass came in second and natural stone came in third. Natural stone was most popular in 2012. Glass was popular in 2011 and in 2010 ceramic or porcelain was most popular. When it comes to lighting LED is the most popular by far out of LED, incandescent, and compact fluorescent. That goes for the years 2013, 2012, and 2011. Faucets come in many styles and finishes. The pull-out faucet is the most popular foe 2013 and the satin finish is top finish. Pot filler faucet came in second and touch sensitive came in third. Satin nickel finish came in first in the year 2013 followed by bronze came in second, oil-rubbed bronze came in third, and polished nickel forth.

Bathroom Trends

By far ceramic or porcelain tile over natural stone tile in 2013. Natural stone was number one in 2012. Ceramic or porcelain was most popular in 2011 and 2010. And as far as sinks go under mounted is the way to go if you follow these stats coming in at eighty seven percent over thirty five percent chose integrated sinks in 2013.
Posted on Nov 13, 2013


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