23 Water and Sewer Pipe Relining Tips

23 Water and Sewer Pipe Relining Tips

What is Pipe Relining?

Various events can require you to get your water and sewage pipes relined. Tree roots may force their way through the pipe creating cracks or damage. Rust or cracking can occur on galvanized pipes as well as corrosion building.

Signs of Pipe Damage

The following causes can be signs that your pipes are damaged and need relining.

• Frequent and persistent clogs of drains, showers, or toilets. This may result in rusty or brownish colored water.
• Frequent sewage backup resulting in water leaks around the foundation.
• Low water pressure resulting in excessively high water bills.

Pipe Relining Process

What pipe relining normally consists of CIPP which is cured in place pipe that coasts the existing damaged pipe. This creates a long lasting lining and can be easily performed on clay, pvc, and cast iron piping for repair.

Benefits of Pipe Relining

The following benefits allow pipe relining to be considered a viable option to pipe replacement.

• Save time and money. Replacement can take weeks and pipe relining only takes a few days.
• Minimize damage. Reduce property damage but not having to dig trenches in your yard as required for pipe replacement.
• Reduce internal diameter. The reduction of the internal diameters with pipe relining is 5% with no noticeable difference in water pressure.
• Cleaner and less invasive. When compared to traditional pipe repair, pipe relining is cleaner and less invasive while preventing future corrosion from happening.
• No Excess Noise. This lessens the disturbance to your home and others while requiring less equipment to install.
• Target Repairs. Can fix individual sections of pipe or the entire length with no necessary repair work required.
• Reduce Waste. Make use of the current pipe materials while minimizing the production of new pipes that use natural resources and manpower to fabricate.
Posted on Aug 08, 2013


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