3 Best Energy Star Efficient Appliances with Rebates

3 Best Energy Star Efficient Appliances with Rebates

Tips To Save Money On Appliances

The different appliances are your home can dramatically change your energy bill without you even knowing it. Leaving items plugged in when not in use will still drain power and up them energy bills. Or having the temperature or other adjustments set correctly can cause a difference in your bill as well. Of course energy star appliances will help keep them lowered or using certain energy saving cycles when possible will have you seeing a difference in those energy bills. Some appliances will offer smaller cycles which will use less water or not run as long and will help keep your energy bills low and at a minimum.


When buying a refrigerator, make sure you are buying one that is an energy star. These refrigerators will help save at least 15% on those costly energy bills. However, newer refrigerators today will save on energy as it is because they use 75% less energy than older models. Also refrigerators with the freezer on top use 10% to 15% less energy then. You can save about $100 a year if replacing your refrigerator with a newer model if your current model was made before 1980.

Washing Machine

When replacing a washing machine by upgrading to a new model from one made before 1994 you will save about $110 a year in energy savings along. If you buy an energy star you can add another 50% on top of that savings because they use even less energy to run. The energy star washing machines only use 18 to 25 gallons per load.


If replacing or upgrading your dishwasher you can save about $25 a year if your older dish washer was made before 1994. If you chose an energy star dish washer you will save 25% more because it uses less energy. Newer models are also more effective when it comes to cleaning your dishes. When searching for a new dish washer try to get one that has the option for smaller loads and energy saving cycles.

Tips to Saving Money on Bills

When trying to save money with your energy bills start with unplugging appliances when possible such as coffee pots, toasters, computers, and phone chargers when not being used. Use a power strip if possible as well so you can switch it off when things are not in use. Switching off a power strip may work better and works the same as unplugging. Keep your thermostat adjusted correctly. Moving the temperature just one degree up or down can dramatically change your energy bill. Also using timers are a good idea. Having items such as TVs, radios, and lamps on timers when you are not home can also help lower your energy bill without you having to do anything at all.
Posted on Dec 28, 2013


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