3 Best Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality

3 Best Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Habits for Good Health - Using Air Filtration in your Home

Is Your Home Domain Air Hygienic?

Your health and the health of your loved ones depends on clean air. The Air Contained In Your Home is Polluted At A higher Level, Approximately 5x higher Than The Air Outside Your Door. Air that is not cleaned on a perpetual basis causes pollution at alarming rates.

Dust Accumulation

Can You Believe The Dust in Your Home Can Average 40 Pounds On A Annual Basis?

You think you might clean and sanitize, but dust can be invisible.

If You Or Your Family Have Allergies, the Air Filtration Can Help Trap 72 Trillion Nasty Irritants That Invade Your Home On A Daily Basis. Allergies can rob you of your quality of life, cost money, and reduce productivity. Children who suffer from these impurities can loose precious time in school that impacts their education.

Highest Toxins

Highest Impurities That Invade Your Inside Air – Be Proactive! Do whatever you can to help your inside air quality. That means taking steps to win the battle! These detractors can include:

1. Bacterial Impurities
Microbes containing bacteria and mold.
Excrement and traces elements from cockroaches and dust mites.
Skin flakes from your pets.

2. Air Impurities From Combustion
Smoke from Family Members.
Ordorless Gas As In Carbon Monoxide.
Poison Gas as Nitrogen Dioxide from Car Exhaust.

3. Biological Unstable Impurities
Emissions from Chemicals.
Paint, Lacquers Produced Gasses.
Common Insecticides/Defoliants.

Side Effects

Exposures To Impure Air In Your Home Domain Don’t Have to Be There. The levels of impurities in your home air can lead to these:

Perpetual Issues with Upper Respiratory Virus -
• Skin Irritations That Are Painful and Annoying as in Rashes
• Onset of Allergic Reactions and Asthma Can Cause Serious Problems
• Continual Pain As In Headaches/Migraines Are Debilitating
• Carcinogenic Impurities Leading to Headaches.

Consider Your Family Protection and Keep Your Air Clean. An initial investment can provide you with peace of mind and save you money in the long term!

1. Air Systems

Advanced Air Systems by AccuClean Provide Results- with A Track Record that the Process Deployed Works. Here is why:

Higher efficiency @ 100x than Basic Filters.
More efficiency @ 8x than Higher-Efficiency Particulate Air Filters (HEPA).
Totally Eliminates Need to Change Filters.

2. Supports Duct Air Upkeep

Eradication of Pollutants From Irritants/Biologicals – remember you can’t see them!

Irritants/Pollution Shut Out. Makes Sense!

3. Purifying of Air Improved

Circulation of Air From Outdoors Permitted When Possible..
You Can Open Your Windows And Feel The Breeze!
Fans From Kitchen and Bath Can Be Used.

Your home air filtration system is not served well by air filters. There are too many pollutants in the air today from the environment. You must protect the health of you and your family. What you breath in can cause serious damage. It makes sense to trust AccuClean Air Systems.
Posted on Sep 23, 2013


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