3 Chemicals that Cause Contamination in Drinking Water

3 Chemicals that Cause Contamination in Drinking Water

Improving Your Home’s Water

Having clean water free of contaminants is always important. Not only does it guarantees your health, but also protects your home tools and appliances. Problems such as clogging of pipes, stained appliances arise due to contamination of water. As a result, it is important to know the common water pollutants, their effects and how they can be removed from water. Below is a list of common water pollutants you are likely to come across:

Common Contaminants In Drinking Water

If the water you are using has high iron content, clothes, home fixtures and appliances which come into contact with it are likely to get stained. High Iron content also leads to clogging of pipes. There are two types of Iron which you are likely to find in water: The ferrous which is invisible but you can taste it in water, and then we have ferric iron which makes water appear red.

Sulfur gives water a bitter taste as well as a rotten egg smell. This contaminant also leads to staining of fixtures and it is associated with slimy residue which is found in pipes. It also leads to corrosion of pipes made of copper and cast iron.

Manganese in water is known to cause clogging of pipes if it is in high concentration. You are likely to find it settled in water heaters, tanks and also in water softeners. If not checked, it leaves a black slime in pipes and sinks. Due to the clogging, manganese reduces equipment usage life.

Iron Break III:
The solutions to these problems can be solved by using Iron break III. This compound reduces contaminants such as iron, sulfur and manganese from water. It achieves this successfully through injecting of air through filler leading to the removal of contaminants. It is usually used in the regions where water is salty.


The advantages of using Iron Break III includes cleanliness of the water as well as protecting equipment’s and appliances which might come into contact with contaminated water from being stained or clogging. Using of Iron Break III also leads to improved water taste. This compound helps in removing the metallic taste as well as the rotten eggs smell associated with sulfur contaminated water.

Another advantage is that the compound is ecofriendly; it does not harm the environment in any way. The compound does not contain any harsh chemicals and therefore one can use the water safely without the risk or fear of contamination. Once used successfully, Iron Break III helps in reducing contaminants from water. As a result, you do not have to incur extra maintenance costs caused by factors such as clogging of the pipes and so on.

Lastly, Iron Break III is a lifetime product meaning that the days of changing the filter each and every month will be long gone once you start using this compound.
Posted on Sep 19, 2013


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