3 Common Foundation Problems in Houses

3 Common Foundation Problems in Houses

Foundation Repair: How To Avoid Closing Pitfalls

The foundation of the households so much as far as the strength of the structure is concerned. When it is weak, there are higher chances that the house will not be able to last longer. Thus, it is always important that you keep inspecting it often in order to establish whether there are certain areas that need repair in good time. Closing pitfalls is one of the ways through which you can carry out repairs on your foundation.

When looking at measures on how to avoid closing pitfalls, it is important to note that there are certain common foundation problems that can pose challenges to the task. Below are the three that are considered to be most common today.

• Inspection and certification of foundation repairs were not done by a professional engineer.

• Sellers had the idea of selling the home in the state that it was so that the repairs are done by buyers after acquisition.

• Contractor failed to acquire the right permit.

Myths and Truths about Foundation Issues

Foundation problems have often been associated with several unfounded arguments. Below are some of those myths and the truth that you need to know.

• Most sellers often justify themselves by saying that foundation issues are normal settings. However, it should be noted that only professional engineers can determine whether a particular settlement is either seasonal or permanent and needs repairs.

• Others will also tell you to first get a contract then do repairs on the foundations later but the truth is that most sellers do not acquire contracts. Buyers often choose homes without foundation issues or those that have been repaired already.

• Some say that all lifetime warranties are similar. However, the truth is that foundation warranties cover the entire life of the home. Besides, they are also properly designed.

• Most people will advice you not to buy a home that has gone through foundation repairs before or requires the work done. North Texas is among areas with expansive soils and acquiring a house where repairs have been done and bears real lifetime warranty can save you the cost of doing the repairs in future.

• Real estate agents should do inspection for house foundations on behalf of their clients. The truth is that both the buyer and seller should be involved in the inspection process in order to know what to expect concerning the repairs.

• The crack is merely on the mortar and has no impact on the home. The reality is that, the size of the crack is the most important aspect when determining the extent of the foundation issue. Mortar and brick cracks are not relevant.

With these in place you are in a better position of getting the best in terms of foundation issues. Get the right information and you will be in a better position.
Posted on Oct 29, 2013


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