3 Great Glass Tile Backsplash Ideas for the Kitchen

3 Great Glass Tile Backsplash Ideas for the Kitchen

Finishing Your Glass Tile Backsplash

When remodeling the kitchen or bathroom many people end up putting in a glass tile backsplash. Sometimes they aren't too sure about how they want to finish the edges or what they want them too look like.

There are about 3 main options of what you can do to make it look presentable. Depending on your wants and needs you have enough options to choose from that at least one of them is bound to appeal to you.


One thing you can do is a smooth grout finish. You'd want to apply about some painters tape about one grout space away from the tile's edge. Rather than apply the grout at a 90 degree angle you'll want to apply it at about a 45 degree angle from the tiles surface and on to the tape's edge. Let the grout set. Then buff the grout with a lint free cloth until you get a smooth surface on the tile. Quickly remove the tape from the area to leave you with a smooth grout finish.

Ornamental Tile

Another option to go with is to use an ornamental tile finish around the edges. Things like pencil moldings, rail moldings, and decorative tiles all fall into this category. You will want to go for a tile or design with the same color as the backsplash tile so they don't clash and look horrible.

Pick one that coordinates with an already existing color in the kitchen or bathroom like the wall paint or possibly the color of the countertops so that it makes it look like an accent piece. These don't take any more effort than putting the back splash on did since they are in essence just another piece of tile.

Metal Strips

You can also go the route of metal strips. They are usually a quarter of an inch to half an inch wide and are meant to go at the edges of your backsplash tile. They come in materials like bronze, copper, and nickel so they are sure to go with any décor needs. This option is not too bad of a route to go since this is what these were made for, so it doesn't a whole lot of effort to get it put on.

While these methods seem obvious not a lot of people think of doing these right off the bat. This leaves their new beautiful backsplash looking like an eye sore with seemingly unfinished edges. In order to see your project through to completion pick one of these options.

Whichever best fits within your budget or your fashion sense will be the best one for you. With so many options in the last two categories there isn't any way that you could go wrong. If it so happens to be that you are a person of simple, clean taste then the first option is for you if done right.
Posted on Oct 10, 2013


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