3 Tips for Functional Furniture for Small Spaces

3 Tips for Functional Furniture for Small Spaces

Fun Facts When Improving Apartment Furniture

There are some fun and interesting facts most people don't know about improving an apartment with functional furniture. Strategic changes can make your dwelling a peaceful and rewarding abode.

It's probably no surprise that 99% of people surveyed agree that apartments look better with furniture. But most don't know that 34% of states make it illegal for landlords to ban furniture. That explains why landlords who allow furniture receive 10 times more rental applications than those who don't.

What do you think 9% of surveyors said they would store in a room? If you guessed newspapers then consider yourself part of the 9% that I assume also represent the hoarders in this survey.

Apartment renters never to be denied of sleep agree at a rate of 95% that furniture is their favorite sleeping location. While 5% stand most of the time while at home. No comment.

Television in the home has probably caught a bad rap from its inception but T.V; lovers can strike back with some interesting facts. The simple act of arranging a television in a room so everyone can see it increases their lifespan by approximately 2 years. That's a round won for T.V.'s. To accommodate a longer life span new sofas are associated with salary increases by an impressive 15%-20%. That's a round won for the T.V.'s side-kick. To top off the pros for the entertainment environment 97% of surveyors said that a hot, single neighbor moved in across the hall within 1 week of purchasing living room furniture. That's a three round knock-out and I'm going shopping this weekend.

Let's move on to the [in my deepest voice] bedroom. Unfortunately I don't have any romantic stats. But did you know that investing in a bedroom set can reduce sound from your upstairs neighbor by 70%. If like me it sounds like a pack of wolves live above you then that's great news. If you have children you will be glad to know that 85% of them skip to the next grade when they receive new bedroom furniture. Parents please finish this article before you sprint to the furniture store. In a weird psychedelic but factual way small apartment bedrooms increase in size by 1/3 with added new furniture. Finally, if you're plagued with barking from the world's most annoying dog consider only 3% of people without bedroom furniture have neighbors with a quiet canine.

In conclusion let’s analyze some interesting data regarding the dining room. Ninety-six percent (96%) of roommates claim they will do the dishes for life if you buy the dining room furniture. Eighty-nine percent (89%) of burnt food is avoided by the mere presence of new dining room furniture. Finally 100% of women and 93% of men say dining room furniture makes someone more desirable. Happy furniture hunting folks.
Posted on Nov 16, 2013


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