37 Bathroom and Kitchen Safety Tips

37 Bathroom and Kitchen Safety Tips

Safety Tips for Bathroom and Kitchen Fitting

Two areas in your home where safety should be the top priority are the bathroom and the kitchen. There are many things that you should consider looking at whenever you are any of the two areas since both areas provide a dangerous environment for people who are not aware of some safety tips that should be observed in both areas.

5 Safety Tips for Bathroom Remodeling

There are many things that you should secure when it comes to the bathroom. Some of things that should be secured are as follows:

1. To prevent trips whenever going out of the shower, double sided tapes placed under carpets will help in keeping it secure in its place. It is also best that floor tiles that are slip resistant should also be used for bathrooms.

2. Electric equipment like razors, curling irons and hair dryers should be away from any area near faucets, and outlets should have covers paced onto it to prevent short circuits whenever water splashes on it.

3. Lights should be enclosed, and should be unreachable to anyone who would go out from the shower or bath that is still wet.

4. Heaters should always be placed away from any water faucets and switch and outlet where it is connected is advisable to be placed outside the bathroom.

5. When it comes to remodeling, it is best that you spare separate budgets for paint, hardware, vanity supplies, accessories and accents, lighting fixtures and shower head and faucets. In this way you can change the look of the entire area easily.

Whenever you are remodeling the bathroom, it is always best that you do some safety considerations to prevent any accidents from happening whenever people use it.

4 Safety Tips for Kitchen Remodeling

Another area that should not be forgotten is the kitchen. Safety tips whenever you are remodeling are as follows:

1. To prevent fire, it is best that all appliances that are gas powered should be turned off when not in use. In this way, leaks and fire can be prevented. It is also best that you ask for regular gas appliances and gas source maintenance should be observed regularly to prevent starting any incidents.

2. When it comes to electric appliances, these should be installed properly and switches and outlets should also be placed near the area where the appliances are placed. Make sure that switches and sockets are located in a safe distance from any source of water.

3. To prevent any incidents in regards to electricity, avoid turning on any electric powered equipment with wet hands. Never fill or clean appliances such as steam iron and kettle while plugged in. To avoid accidents due to open wirings, never wrap cables on appliances while it is still warm.

4. After you have settled safety issues while renovating your kitchen, it is time to change its look. Use paints whenever you want to add extra touch in your kitchen. You can make use of laminates to achieve new look on your countertop. Replace handles and pulls of your cabinets or remove doors of your cabinets to achieve a new and convenient look in your kitchen.

With safety tips on both bathroom and kitchen, you are assured that accidents can be avoided whenever you and your family stay in any of the areas.
Posted on Dec 12, 2013


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