4 Awesome Ways To Prepare Your Property to Rent

It's that time again. Are you ready to find the perfect tenant?

Renting has become a great way to maintain a steady stream of income while you are focused elsewhere.

It's important to receive the maximum possible return value from your rental home, whether you're giving it to residential tenants or temporary vacationers during the busy summer months.

Remember that homeowners only attract good tenants when they have something great to offer.

You need to stand out during the bustling renting reason.

To avoid getting stuck with problematic tenants that will have the neighbors ringing you far too often, use these four awesome ideas to prepare your home perfectly and attract the best tenants during rental season.

1. Inspect Your Own Home Before Official Tenant Inspections
Complete a thorough house inspection.

If there are major issues, get them fixed immediately.

No tenant wants to spend money to repair a rental home.

If your house has visible faults, rest assured that your first-choice tenants will overlook your property -- leaving you with tenants you didn't want.

Get all leakages fixed, make sure the temperature control works, rid the house of all kinds of pests, mend cracks, and fix the piping to eliminate clogs.

A fully functional and faultless home will ensure that you earn maximum rental value from your home, setting you apart from other homes with small but significant faults.

2. Hop on the Clean Bandwagon for a Spotless Finish
Remember that every tenant wants to move into a clean and spotless home, especially during busy renting season when people are on the move and unwilling to compromise.

If you're aiming to get your desired tenants, make sure you clean every nook and corner of the home.

A professional cleaning company will do a thorough job. While you may think it cliché, you'll be surprised at how many homeowners take this one for granted: renting out dirty homes to prospective tenants.

When tenants have an endless myriad of choices, would they really choose your dirty home? Perhaps not!

A spotless home will sparkle -- and resonate with your first-choice tenants -- to give you a chance to choose your tenants and not settle for them.

3. Furnish With Special Value-Adds to Rise Above Others
While keeping your house clean and completely faultless is a must-do during busy rental season, adding value to your home will propel your rental income upward. Just the way you like it!

Of course, consider your budget. It doesn't make sense to pay for something that doesn't bring any return value.

For example, value-adds like central cooling and heating, sleek granite-equipped kitchens, trendy hotel-like bathrooms with bathtubs, ambient controlled lighting, and decorative ornaments are all likely to boost your rent.

These perks will give your home a warm, plush and inviting feel that will attract just the type of tenants you desire.

4. Focus on Safety and Security to Assure Prospects
Are there additional ways to add more safety to your house?

This is not only an added benefit for the tenants, but it will also ensure your house doesn't get destroyed in event of any mishap.

During the busy renting season, tenants may forget to check this aspect. When you highlight safety factors in your home, you've already turned heads your way.

Consider having safety alarm systems, sophisticated locking technology or wireless security installed, all of which are sure to make your tenants feel safer in your home and give you a clear edge in the market.

During the busy renting season when you're handling a high number of applicants, these factors will aid you in finding your first-choice tenants without hassle.


Posted on Jun 19, 2015


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