4 Important Fall Lawn Care Tips

4 Important Fall Lawn Care Tips

Caring for Your Lawn in the Fall

Ever wonder how your neighbors keep their home look good all year round? Here is a quick guide and some tips on how to make it look like you hire professionals to keep your yard maintained.

Lawn Mowing
The first tip to maintaining your lawn is cutting it at the optimal length. Cutting your grass as short as you can helps it from becoming matted from snow, while removing thatch. This technique also strengthens the roots and crown of the grass. This is definitely an important strategy to remember as you can place your yard at risk of fungal disease if not mowed short enough.

Aerating your yard compacts the grass from the summer wear and tear it saw. It also loosens the soil so nutrients, water, and oxygen can easily be absorbed. You can do this technique by poking holes in the lawn or place small plugs that allow the nutrients to be provided through.

Be sure to do these two weeks before applying any fall fertilizer. If you get snow or frost in your area, calculate 5 to 6 weeks ahead of time.

Apply Fertilizer
After your aerated, you can fertilize your grass to allow the roots to store nutrients throughout the fall and winter. Be sure to apply the fertilizer a month out if you live in an environment that sees frost and snow. Fertilizer should be high in potassium and phosphorous. Combine the application of line where built up acidity is lower and the roots will absorb the fertilizer better. Use 40 pounds of limestone per every thousand square feet of your yard.

Controlling the Grub
Beetles are normally found to lay eggs in July or August. Their maturing grubs can become damaging to your grass in the wintertime, however they will not be exposed until Spring. Be sure to use an animal safe product if you have domestic pets outside.

10 Interesting Facts on Lawncare

Here are some fun facts about maintaining your lawn in the fall so you do not feel alone.

1. The average homeowner spends 4 hours a week on their lawn.
2. Lawn turf is considered America’s largest crop.
3. Having a nice lawn can add 11% to your home’s value while increasing the curb appeal of your home.
4. One single grass plan can have 387 miles of root.
5. 90% of all the weight in plants is held in their roots.
6. A freshly mowed lawn can release chemicals that prevent mental decline and make people feel happy.
7. There are 50 million acres of grass in the United States.
8. 21 million acres of grass in the US is located in the yards of homes.
9. 85 million US households have private lawns.
10. 26% of homeowners hire professionals to maintain their yard.
Posted on Dec 07, 2013


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