4 Incredible Green Paint Color Combinations for Homes

4 Incredible Green Paint Color Combinations for Homes

Coloring Rooms In Green

The beautiful color green comes in different shades. Hunter green, camouflage, soft fern, say brook sage and emerald among the widely known. Using color green to paint your house, room to room can be the greatest and most amazing thing that can happen to your house.

Living Room
Your living room is the most important room in the house. This is where you live and this is what people will define you with. One can easily charm and impress his or her guests by the theme color in the room. A shade of green will tell all about you. You want to have that color that every friend you have will want to go and have too because it is amazing. Go for green. Walls painted in green are amazing, more beautiful if combined with another color, say white. This will make your living room to look absolutely gorgeous as well as warm and lively. Nothing else would be better than this look for your room.

Maybe you have thought of painting your kitchen green but discarded the idea for the reason that a friend or relative convinced you it was a bad idea. Well, it is not. Think of just your cabinets with that green shade. They look very incredibly beautiful. The kitchen is where you spend time making meals or if you have a dining table there, that’s where you have your meals as well. Green means life. How? Most plants are green when they are alive. You could also paint the walls of your kitchen green and leave the cabinets. Either way, it will work for your kitchen.

Green is fit for every room in your house, room to room no boredom at all. It has a beauty that no other color carries. Try a lighter shade of green, like mint in your bathroom. It makes you feel relaxed and have a lot of fun in your bathroom. It gives your bathroom a warmer feeling.

Green from room to room; now let us go to your bedroom and change it. Imagine waking up in the morning and what you can see is a wall painted in green, quite a scenario. This color can lift your spirits in the morning as it is a lively color. Try a combination with another color and you will love your bedroom.

Furniture in green in addition can have a great effect on your house, other decorations too. Tiles that are green can have an amazing effect on your house.

It is clear that color green is every room’s color and has no limitations. Green is accommodating and charming to every room. Green is a room to room, try this amazing color and you will have a testimony for everyone.
Posted on Oct 17, 2013


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