4 Most Popular Types of Countertops

4 Most Popular Types of Countertops

The Properties Of Common Countertops Used In The Home

When you buy a countertop, it is important to know exactly what you are buying. You never know what useful or useless materials are being mixed into the product. The Vangura company provides granite, vanite, laminate and solid surface countertops. As a shopper, learn more about each material before you choose.


Granite is a 100% natural material found all over the world. It consists of mica, quartz and feldspar made in different textures. The slabs vary by size and shape according to the buyer’s specifications. Choose a slab that has its own depth and personality.

Granite will always be a popular choice. The ancient Egyptians used granite to line their pyramids, and now modern homeowners use it to line their kitchens and bathrooms. Granite is one of a kind in terms of style and texture, and its natural attractiveness cannot be matched.


Laminate is a man made material made of pressed sheets of paper that contain 30% plastic resins. It comes in sheets held together by adhesives. The layers are pressed together and strengthened enough to resist breakage. In addition, laminate colors and textures vary by the thousands. There are infinite selections of colors and hues. Laminate is the cheapest counter to install based on the average price per square foot. This manmade product can resemble any wood species. Save money even more by doing the installation yourself, which can take a day or two.


Vanite is also a man made product made of 7% polymer resin, 93% quartz and color pigment. Vanite has all the major qualities of a good countertop. It is long-lasting and simple to maintain with a surface that is not ruined easily by heat, stains, scratches and moisture. Water damage is a major problem for owners of kitchens. So, knowing the resistance properties of your counter is important.

Solid surface

The solid surface countertop is aluminum trihydrate, acrylic polymer, filler and pigment. It provides a seamless look that works for residential and commercial rooms. Different hues and colors can be added to enhance the look. Like the other materials, it is long-lasting and easy to maintain with proper use.

Vangura provides a long line of countertops that come in different makeups. The type of counter has a significant effect on the kitchen as a whole. The colors and designs should blend and contrast ideally. Also, choose how much effort you want to put into maintaining this area. Fortunately, many Vangura materials are easy to clean and maintain. Do what you want with the surface without the fear of ruining the good looks. Whether you want a trendy counter or one that has different patterns, there is a product for every need.
Posted on Oct 03, 2013


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