5 Cool Smart Home Devices

5 Cool Smart Home Devices

Benefits and Drawbacks Of Smart Homes

Do you rent or own a home? Do you have state-of-the-art appliances in your house? If so, you know the significant role that your appliances and other innovative technological systems plays within your home. With major technological advancements homes have undergone a revolutionary transformation. Such a change has resulted in the increased prevalence of smart homes.

Definition of a Smart Home

What exactly constitutes a smart home? A smart home has appliances and other hi-tech devices and systems including but not limited to a heating and air conditioning system, televisions, and computers which are all readily capable of communicating with each other.

The radically fast ground-breaking developments in today’s technology are quite enthralling. As new products become available on a frequent basis the possibility of making your home more users friendly with its hi-tech solutions is now a reality. Your smart home is therefore comprised of a technology system that can be controlled by a time schedule from just about anywhere.

Adding Convenience to Your Life

Did you ever leave for work and later realized that you may have left the stove on? Have you ever returned home from an outing to find out that your coffee maker, toaster oven, central air or heat was left on all day long? Not only does this result in a much higher electricity bill it has the potential of causing serious damage if a fire ensues. There’s no need for you to worry any longer because the technology used in smart homes allows you to control your ultra-modernized appliances and systems from any room in your house as well as through your phone or internet. A smart home now makes your life much more automated, energy efficient, and convenient.

Do you have any concerns and apprehensions about a smart home and the technological appliances and systems it possesses? Since you may happen to be a bit reluctant, let’s take some time to figure out if your smart home can in fact keep you safe by examining the features in smart homes.

Features of a Smart Home

Some of the cool features is smart homes include entertainment, lighting, and outdoors.

Entertainment includes streamline TV, surround sound, and other systems simply with the click of one remote. The ability to control lighting from any room is a feature present in smart homes. Lighting can be controlled over the internet, through panels in your home, and through your smartphone. Outdoor sprinkler systems are automated and can be controlled through a smartphone or Wi-Fi. You no longer need to worry if you left your sprinkler system on because rain sensors will automatically shut off the sprinkler system and help conserve water.

Keep Your Network Secure

When choosing this type of technology make sure you understand all of the risks and benefits associated with smart homes. Biometric and Lockitron Locks allows for keyless entry. Keep in mind that since internet access is used to control many home security systems these systems can be hacked and recorded by absolute strangers. As a result, make sure even your smart home is covered by home insurance.
Posted on Nov 22, 2013


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