5 Direct Mail Strategies New Property Managers Can Use

You are adept at picking out properties, fixing them up, and managing the tenants once you get them in there. It's that step in between -- getting prospective tenants' attention -- that you need help with. One method that helps with local marketing is direct mailing. It may seem like the sort of thing only big companies do, but these direct mail strategies apply to small business all the way up to the most successful property management companies.

1. Ultra-Local Marketing

Local marketing is your key to success as a growing property manager, and it's hard to get a better local marketing option than direct mail. You can choose to deliver to addresses only within zip codes that are close to your property, specific areas that are home to your target demographic, or, as USPS suggests, going through a mailing list provider to get even more targeted with your potential leads.

2. Make Your Direct Mail Stand Out for Maximized Face Time

Plenty of marketers swear up and down that direct mailing is dead and that it's simply a waste of time. The average rental hunter is going to go through dozens, if not hundreds, of apartment listings during their search. Most of these listings get tossed away and forgotten with a click of the mouse. When you have a brochure, flyer or postcard on their desk, it's going to get visibility that an easily deleted email simply doesn't get. Use attention-grabbing designs and slogans to stand out from other direct mailing and junk mail pieces on their desk.

3. Mail to a Contact Multiple Times

You aren't going to get instant results with your first direct mail campaign. Plan to send at least three pieces of direct mail to a contact, with each mailing timed so that you're staying on their radar over time. Wait a week or two after the first mailing, then send a follow-up that provides additional information. You want to provide them with more reasons to contact you as time goes on. It builds brand awareness as your name goes across their desk multiple times.

4. Switch Up Formats

Direct mailing has plenty of options when it comes to the form that it takes. Don't just stick with a single style, like only sending postcards. You want to catch your potential tenant's attention and doing the same thing over and over again is not the way to accomplish this. If your last round of direct mailers involved a postcard, switch over to a trifold brochure or a letter talking about how at-home your tenants feel in your properties. Don't be afraid to change up your style, since you'll often see much better results with a variety of mailers.

5. Call to Action

You can have the best direct mailer layout in the world, but still get no leads. Your copy writing is impeccable, you have all the information anyone could want and it's graphically appealing. But no one is biting. One major reason for that is if you don't tell the potential tenant what you want them to do after they read your mailer. Use a call to action so they know where they need to go to continue the process. You can include open house dates, a phone number, or a website address for them to visit. QR codes, readable by most smartphones, are another way to provide a call to action since many smartphone owners recognize that this is a code to scan?.

Posted on Dec 15, 2014


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