5 Easy Ways to Utilize Content Marketing for Off-Season Property Marketing

Seasonal rental trends may make you concerned about maintaining your overall cash flow and minimizing vacancies. One way to prepare for slower seasons is to look at your property marketing strategies and put plans in place to maintain interest even when rental interest is low. Content marketing is an effective way to connect with current and prospective tenants, improve your overall web presence, and generate interest in the properties you need to fill.


1. Create blog content prospective tenants will want to read

Put yourself in the tenant's shoes and consider what would keep your interest on a blog. Practical advice on how to find the best properties for renting, a general overview of your rental process, and what makes each of your properties special will help keep your target market interested. Other topics include profiles of local businesses, restaurants offering delivery to your properties, and significant local events held throughout the year. If your tenants post on your blogs, draw topics from your audience so you're writing about things they want to know more about. Also, watch Pinterest and other social media sites to get an idea of home and lifestyle trends generating interest.


2. Focus on hyperlocal search engine marketing

You aren't going to dominate the search engine rankings for "house for rent," but it's not nearly as hard to get to the top of the listings for queries such as "city name, house for rent" or similar search strings. Incorporate references to your city, county, and especially your neighborhood to attract local interest and boost your search engine rankings for hyper local searches.


3. Create a connection with prospective tenants

If you only put up property listings, your prospective tenants don't get a sense of who you are. Instead you're just another name in a sea of landlords. By displaying personality on your social media profiles, you show the type of person you are. This strategy helps your prospective tenants interested in doing business with you, and it sets yourself apart from landlords who don't put a face to their business's name.


4. Encourage readers to engage with your content

Another advantage of content marketing is the ability to encourage engagement with your prospective and current tenants. Your blog and social media posts have comment sections for a reason—point that out to your readers. Ask questions, present helpful information in your posts, and engage with your readers so you continue to add to the emotional investment factor.


5. Use content to build trust

One of the most important things you can do in content marketing is establish yourself as a trustworthy and reliable landlord. By providing local information, sharing knowledge on your neighborhood, and updating your blog regularly, you set yourself up as a reliable source of information. You aren't going to get reactions from only one blog post, but repeated content marketing efforts build upon themselves over time.


You have a learning curve when it comes to setting up a content marketing strategy for your properties, but once you get a system down it's easy to keep going. Blogging, social network engagement, and focusing on local search terms provide you with a method for long-term success in your local market.


Posted on Nov 24, 2014


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