5 Elements of a Kitchen Remodel Budget Worksheet

5 Elements of a Kitchen Remodel Budget Worksheet

Sufficient Budget Kitchen Remodeling How To

The most used room in a hoe believe it or not is the kitchen. Because of this it should have the most thought and planning before remodeling then any other room in the house. However, kitchen remodeling can be very expensive but we have some tips that will help you do it the right way on a sufficient budget.

Statistics of Kitchen Remodel

Some fun interesting facts about kitchen remodeling are 56% of all home owners say that the kitchen is the most vital part of the home. Also 65% of all homeowners had a kitchen plan drawn up and put together by the end of 2012. In Australia the kitchen manufacturers have made $1.5 billion dollars in the year 2013. Last but not least that 51% of home owners think that a remodeled kitchen makes cleaning easier.

With the kitchen being the most utilized room in the whole house did you realize that 5.6% of people spend 30 min a day in the kitchen, 26.78% spend less than an hour in the kitchen daily, 44.61% of people spend between 2 to 3 hours in the kitchen daily, 12.05% of people spend between 3 to 5 hours in the kitchen daily, and 11.39% of people practically live in their kitchen daily.

When talking about kitchen remodeling 45% of the people do just general construction to remodel their kitchen, 35% replace accessories and cabinets, 10% replace counters, and 10% will replace and upgrade the appliances in the kitchen.

Guide to Remodeling

The best ways to remodel your kitchen is start with ideas found in magazines, on TV, websites, or social media. Get all your ideas and things you like all together and start from there. Next sit down with all your ideas and information you have gathered and draw up a floor plan that works best for your house and situation. In floor plans there are a variety of ways to place things but the most general are the u shaped floor plan that 34% of people have used, the G shaped that 25% of people have went with, the Galley which 20% of people went with that plan, and the L shaped that 17% of people have chosen for their layout for their kitchen.

Next step is to figure out you budget you have to spend on your kitchen remodel. Pick what is more important to you and where you want to save money and where you what areas you want to spend the most money in. After you have your ideas, floor plan and budget together it is now time to call a professional designer for a consult.

You can find professional designers in the Yellow Pages, websites, TV advertisements, and talking with other friend that may have used a professional designer before. Last step you should do before starting the actual remodel to pick up the proper permits such as structural, plumbing, mechanical, and electrical.
Posted on Dec 27, 2013


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