5 Most Energy Efficient Windows

5 Most Energy Efficient Windows

The Great Benefits Of Window Replacement

Are you tired of looking out of your old one pane windows? Tired of your windows costing you extra money during the winter and the summer months? New technology has made it possible to get new windows that are energy efficient at an affordable price.

Yesterday's Windows

During the summer old windows can let the heat and UV (ultra violet) rays easily into your home and during the winter they can easily let heat out of the house. This causes your air conditioning/ heating system to work harder to keep your home cool/warm. It also causes fading of fabrics and pictures over the years due to exposure from UV rays.

Today's Windows

But now newer double pane windows are more energy efficient and in the long run can help you use half as much energy keeping your home at a comfortable temperature by blocking 70% of heat of the sun and reduces fading fabrics and pictures by as much as 75%.

The way that these new windows are able to do this is because of their construction. They are made with quality material such as LoE3 glass which has three layers of an invisible metal coating which helps to reflect the sun's UV and infrared rays. The frames are also made with quality material such as vinyl which is cheap by energy efficient because of its heat resistance capabilities.

Warm edge spacers are another part of energy efficient windows construction. This is the area between the inner and outer pane of the window. It creates a buffer zone which causes less cold air conduction, which causes the need for less energy to heat your house during the winter. Which in turn can save you money.

This leads into the multiple pane aspect of the windows, not only does it decrease heat loss and prevent cold air from coming in but it also reduces noise. This could be a great change from hearing every little thing that is going on outside. This also allows for the ability to be gas filled. Being gas filled with argon and krypton allows for another layer of insulation. This is possible because these gasses are denser than the air. These gases are completely safe and will not harm anyone should the window be broken.

Cost Savings

All these energy efficient qualities can save you bundles of money every year. These windows can even pay for themselves in savings within 3 years! With so many satisfied customers it's hard to believe that more people haven't already switched to these energy efficient windows. There are absolutely no downsides to investing in new windows for your house making life easier and maybe being able to save up for that trip you always wanted to take with the savings you will gain every year.
Posted on Sep 25, 2013


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