5 Fantastic Home Tile Decorating Styles

5 Fantastic Home Tile Decorating Styles

Are Tiles The Way To Go In Your Home?

If you are thinking about using tiles in your house but not sure which style to choose or if it is even right for your home then here is some insight on different styles and other information.

Choosing the Right Style

There are many different styles of tile to choose from. Modern is a great choice if you are looking for something to put emphasis on clean sharp lines and functional. If going with the modern look using larger tiles in smaller areas work the best. Art deco is another great choice. For bathrooms and black and white tile made from ceramic like subway tiles look the best. Art deco adds a bold color contrast look to any room in your home. Then there is the classic tile. Classic tile is a a great way to put some artistic look to your classic style. Marble is a popular classic look. Then we have contemporary style tile. Contemporary is a great way to balance the warm and neutral tones in your room or throughout your house. Slate tile is a fabulous contemporary tile to use in your kitchen for the counter tops, floors, and other bathroom elements. And lastly there is the retro tile choice. Retro can be a very bold look and add some funk to your home or room. Glass mosaic back splashes pop off walls for a retro kitchen or bathroom.

Make Your Project Budget Friendly

Now that you think you have narrowed down your choices to a style you want to know how or where to buy what you want. There are many companies out there that sell all sorts of tile but buying it direct has many more benefits. First of all you can save some of you dough re me, tile can be a costly purchase so getting the best price possible is important and could possibly let you pick what you want not what your budget says you have to get. Also buying tile direct means no waiting on what you want. You can get what you want without worry of back order or no more availability. You can get the latest designs right now instead of waiting for other places to actually get them in stock. Buying direct also put you in the front of the line on the tile when it reaches the United States. As products arrive from overseas you get to choose your style and pattern before most other companies even see them for the first time. And last but certainly not least, maybe even the most important aspect to you is the choices of variety the tile comes in from buying direct. You have the option to choose the tile that fits your personality the best. Maybe you even have a very specific tile in mind already and not sure if you will be able to find it, buying tile direct can get you that absolutely perfect tile you already have pictured on your wall, floor, or counter top.
Posted on Nov 15, 2013


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