5 Great Small Bathroom Design Remodel Ideas

5 Great Small Bathroom Design Remodel Ideas

Design To Increase The Size Of Your Small Bathroom

A small bathroom makes any user feel small and uncomfortable. Use professional design techniques to improve the look and feel of any room. There is no need to stay in a bathroom that makes you cringe. There are several ways that you can super size a small bathroom.

1. Install Glass

Glass has reflective properties that make your bathroom look bigger. Instead of using a standard shower curtain, use a glass door. Glass makes the room less restricted and more elegant. A luxurious room takes the user’s mind off its small size. Also, use decorative floor tiles inside and outside of the shower. Glass tiles are available in different colors and designs.

2. Use Reflective Light

For a grand effect, place mirrors together. Light increases the illusion of space. Place a large mirror over the sink, or use a floor-to-ceiling mirror. Combine glass and light for the best illusionary effects.

3. Invest in Small Fixtures

Install fixtures that are the right sizes for your bathroom. Choose the right sink bowls and aerators along with showerheads. Install a framed or frameless shower door, but find out the benefits of each one first. Small lights and mirrors are important items as well.

4. Include a Skylight

When people think of skylights, the last thing they think of is a bathroom. However, any room will benefit from a skylight. This feature lets in a great amount of light and atmosphere. Any bathroom user will immediately look up and not notice anything else.

5. Choose the Right Colors

Any room is ruined by colors that are too bright or dark. Go for colors that are light or neural. Use the same colors and designs to increase the illusion of space. The walls and counters should match the ceiling in color.

Review plenty of other decorating tips that will transform any small space. Personalize your bathroom as much as possible. Add a theme that only you can appreciate like an ocean look or black-and-white checkerboard design. Installing a stylish sink bowl or vanity is the newest trend. It will take hours to browse the endless pictures of sink bowls. From glass to marble, there is a look for every kind of bathroom designer. Be careful choosing one because many selections are alluring. Choose the right vanity that is made with wood, steel or stone materials. Using a professional designer is an option, but it is more rewarding to do the work yourself. The opportunities are endless when it comes to designing a bathroom of any size.

Apply these simple tips to increase the elbow space in your bathroom. No longer be bothered by small rooms that make you feel inferior. Expand the space to change the way you look at a small bathroom.
Posted on Oct 16, 2013


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