5 Property Management Tasks Worth Delegating

When you started as a landlord, you probably wanted to handle everything yourself.

You may have done it to keep overhead costs down or because you weren't sure exactly what tasks are required from a landlord on a day to day basis.

Once you get a property or two under your belt, however, you likely discovered that the situation isn't as workable as you think.

You find yourself taking too much time out of the day to check out issues on the property, dealing with tenant billing or spending hours figuring out screening.

Instead of forcing yourself to do it all, consider delegating these 5 property management tasks.

1. Bookkeeping

If you aren't an accountant by trade, keeping track of income, expenses, and other associated property fees can be a full time job on its own.

If you stick with a handful of properties, you may not need to delegate bookkeeping tasks, but if you entered the landlord business to grow your property portfolio, a bookkeeper is essential.

Bookkeeping and accounting services also make tax time significantly less stressful and keep you on the right side of the IRS.

2. Marketing

Marketing is another specialized skill that could essentially be a full time job.

Content marketing, paid search engine marketing, local marketing, direct marketing, and search engine optimization are all strategies that help improve your property's presence.

You only need marketing services when you have open properties, so it makes sense to delegate this task to a contractor or consultant who handles it on an as-needed basis.

While it's possible to do your own marketing, it takes a significant amount of research to figure out the most cost effective methods.

When you delegate this task, you get that specialized expertise on hand at all times.

3. Rental billing

Want to avoid the time it takes to chase tenants around to pick up rental payments?

Electronic billing services geared toward landlords provides you with a way to cut that hassle out of the way.

These systems not only eliminate the time it takes to get payments from your tenants, it also provides you with a way to quickly deposit the money into your operating accounts.

Mobile deposits remove some hassles associated with checks, but it still requires action on your part.

Rental billing, on the other hand, only requires action from the tenant.

4. Tenant screening

Tenant screening takes up a significant portion of time.

It's also important to know how to accurately read the information on credit reports, background checks, and other screening information. Instead of dealing with it yourself, third party services can handle the checks for you and give you accurate feedback to help you choose the best tenants.

You want to get the full tenant picture so you don't experience heavy tenant turnover.

5. Maintenance

Even if you're a DIY master, it's useful to have contractors on hand for plumbing, electrical work and general contracting.

You won't have to drop what you're doing to run out to a property for a repair emergency.

Instead, you call up your contractor and send them to the property to handle the issue.

Contractors are also likely to know the local building regulations by heart.

You can hire contractors for general maintenance check ups to head off problems before they become major issues.


Posted on Dec 01, 2014


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