6 Great Uses for Security Cameras

6 Great Uses for Security Cameras

Tips And Uses For Home Security Cameras

Security cameras are a great addition to any home for many reasons like protection and giving you peace at mind when not at home. Did you know that there is a burglary that occurs every 14.6 seconds. Did you also know that the average dollar amount lost on every burglary is $2185. Surveillance cameras help prevent burglaries or help you catch the burglar responsible for the act. In 2007 there was a total of 2.179 million dollars stolen in burglaries, 2008 there were 2.222 million dollars lost, 2009 there was a loss of 2.199 lost, in 2010 there was 2.159 in loss, and in 2010 there was a loss of 2.188 lost in burglaries.

Keeping A Watchful Eye on Your Children

Security cameras can also help with keeping an eye out on your nanny or babysitter. There are about 18.5 million kids under the age of 5 under supervision of a nanny or sitter today. And of all crimes committed 4.2% of them are cause by a sitter or nanny. Of those 4.2% of crimes 65% of them are of the sexual offense type, 34% is of physical assault, .6% is kidnapping, and .5% is homicide. Those are frightening facts especially when it comes to your children.

Monitoring Your Pets

The cameras can also help with monitoring your pets. There were over 167,000 calls pertaining to animal poison control. The bills racked up from animal poison control range from $250 to $6000. The top poison control call for animals comes in at 44% for ingesting medication, 29% are insecticides, 14% is food, %8 for plant or flower fertilizers, and 5% are for chemicals and cleaners. It can also help you keep an eye to make sure they are not getting in to any other kind of trouble while you are not at home.

Helpful for the Elderly

Security cameras can also help with the monitoring of the elderly. Today one in five of all adults are stepping in as the adult and caring for their parents. Most falls (33%) occur with people over the age of 65. The injuries occurred from falling are fractures (41% and are mostly women), superficial contusions (23% and are mostly women), open wounds (21% and are mostly women), sprains or strains (10% and are mostly women), internal organ injuries (4% and are mostly women), and dislocations (1% and are mostly women).

Monitor Your Children

Child surveillance is another great thing security cameras can offer you. Teens left at home alone are more likely to use alcohol or drugs. Kids today between the ages of 12 to 17, 13.3% of them use alcohol, 10% use drugs, and 7.8% use tobacco.

Monitoring the Workplace

Last but not least security cameras can help you keep an eye on your work place or business. Forty eight percent of violence, sabotage, or theft is proven with security camera footage. Seven percent of companies use security cameras to keep an eye on their property. Things that can be monitored are computers, emails, internet, and phones.
Posted on Dec 30, 2013


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