6 Signs of Termite Identification

6 Signs of Termite Identification

Signs of a Termite Infestation

Termites are the cause of $5 billion dollars in annual home damage in the United States alone. There are currently 41 different types of termite species within the United States and 2,300 worldwide.

Signs Too Lookout For

Signs that help you to identify termite infestations are dead termites on window sashes and flying swarms of termites.

Shuttle tubes are also a sign and may be exposed in foundation, flooring or walls. If the shuttle tube is broken and then rebuilt, termites are currently present.

Hollow wood can also be an indicator of present termites. Tap on the wood to determine if it is hollow and use a knife or screwdriver to test the hollowness of the wood. Dirty wood may be a sign as well. Termites have a tendency of dragging dirt onto word and may be a sign of existing termites, not cause by moisture.

Rotten room that dark and discolored, warped, or bubbled, can be the victim of termites. Termite droppings may also be identified through piles of wood shavings or termite frass.

Ways to Minimizing Infestations

1. Contact a termite control service for assistance with infestations.
2. Move stacks of wood or debris away from your home.
3. Empty standing water.
4. Clear vegetation away from your home.
Posted on Sep 10, 2013


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