7 Factors to Consider with Water and Gas Boiler Replacement

7 Factors to Consider with Water and Gas Boiler Replacement

7 Factors to a Boiler Replacement

The following 7 factors are important to consider before replacing a boiler, especially based on these current statistics.

1. Skills and Qualifications of Boiler Installer
2. Correct Size for Gas Load
3. Adequate Space
4. Combustion Ventilation
5. Minimum Clearances
6. Type of Flue System
7. Budget

The following hazards and risks exist based on the below statistics for homeowners with gas boilers.
• 60% of boiler replacements are not carried out with the annual boiler safety check.
• 24% are not aware that boilers have to be serviced regularly.
• 20% have not had their boilers serviced in the last two to three years.
• 12% have never had their boilers services.
• 79% of boilers installed are by cowboy firms revealing risk and danger.
• 93% of boilers tested are potentially dangerous and unsafe.
• 29% were deemed to be immediately dangerous due to carbon monoxide leaks.

Determine the Right Central Heating System

The amount of heating required for the home can be predetermined. It should be 18 degrees Celsius in bedrooms and 21 degrees Celsius in living rooms. Key issues to consider is the type of fuel available, number and ages of occupants, how much hot water is needed, and if the water heating system is a part of the central heating system. The number of hot water draw off points and speed of hot water delivery with flow rate requirements should also be looked at. Determine the available space for it and suitability of the location.

Boiler Safety

A gas engineer should check your boiler once a year to ensure the safety of the unit. Several signs of a faulty boiler is soot or stains on or above the fuel burning appliance, difficult in lighting the fire, and wood or coal fires that burn slowly or often go out.
Posted on Aug 31, 2013


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