7 Keys to Winterizing Your Home

7 Keys to Winterizing Your Home

7 Ways of Preparing your Home for the Winter Season

Preparing your home for winter is important and one of the things that you should do whenever winter is coming is improving air quality in your home. It is important that you are aware of certain things that you can do to prevent any health conditions from getting worse throughout the winter season especially when just staying at home. There are several things that you can do to make sure that the quality inside your home is appropriate for the winter season and is sure to make every family member and even guests comfortable when visiting you.

To improve air quality in your home, here are 7 things that you can do in preparing your home to get the right quality of air inside you home:

1. When the temperature is acceptable, try opening windows and doors.
Since the indoor air during winter is a bit stuffy, it is best that you try opening any of your doors or windows whenever the temperature allows you to. You can try opening the kitchen exhaust whenever you finished cooking to let fresh air enter your home and keep foul odor out. Opening windows, doors and other exhausts for several minutes can help in keeping air inside as fresh as possible.

2. Maintenance of cleanliness inside your house is important.
Mopping with water and vacuum cleaning regularly can help in preventing dusts and other particles build up anywhere in your home. This will also help in reducing allergens around the house and prevent allergic reactions.

3. Avoid smoking inside your house.
Aside from the harmful secondhand smoke your family can inhale, the smell may also sit inside your home. It is best that you stay out of your home whenever you smoke or whenever you have guests, just let them stay outside until they finish smoking.

4. Taking off shoes before entering your house.
Chemicals and dirt are what shoes usually bring inside your home. Keeping doormats on entrances and shoe racks outside your home can prevent these chemicals and dirt from contaminating air in your home. This will also make cleaning the entire home easier to handle than tracking down dirt from shoes.

5. Air filter replacement.
Heating filters should be changed once every month. HEPA filters are considered good choices of replacement for air filters since it helps in preventing allergens from entering your home. New ones can also help in the efficiency of your HVAC system.

6. Use humidifiers for keeping air moist.
Since winter air is cold and dry, this can aggravate any allergies you and any of your family members have. You can choose from using individual humidifiers in your home or just have a whole-house humidifier installed in your home for creating comfortable air.

7. Cleaning of air ducts regularly.
Ducts are the places where allergens, dusts and dirt build up. Professional duct cleaning service is needed for this task to prevent dust and dirt from circulating around the house.

With all of these tips in preparing your home for winter in mind, you are assured that you can maintain a healthy air quality inside your home as soon as the winter season starts.
Posted on Dec 10, 2013


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