8 Reasons to Use Fake Grass for a Yard

8 Reasons to Use Fake Grass for a Yard

The Many Benefits Of Artificial Grass

Everyone with a yard is familiar with the chore of mowing the lawn, removing weed, watering, cleaning up after kids and pets, keeping people off the grass, etc. The list goes on and on! What about a solution to these annual tasks that could make yard work a breeze and bring a whole new appreciation to the term yard work? Artificial grass has many benefits that can save time, money, and the constant reminder that “you need to cut the grass”.

No Need for Lawn Care

We have all seen the lawns that are in serious need of care to include watering, cutting, or weeding. Some of us may even be the owners of these lawns. Lawn care can be time consuming and expensive over time. With busy schedules it is often difficult to provide proper care to keep a lawn healthy and in top shape. The perfect solution is artificial grass. There is little to no time spent taking care of the yard.

Fake grass never needs mowed or weeded, so time that would normally be spent on yard work can be utilized in taking care of the garden. Surrounding the grass with beautiful flowers or trees adds a finished look to the area. Imagine the envy of neighbors and friends as they see your beautiful landscaping.

No Weed Maintenance

By using a weed barrier under the grass layer, the need for weeding is eliminated. Weeds are not able to grow through the protective barrier. The grass will not require food or water and will not turn brown from a lack of those nutrients. It will stay green year round leaving a suitable place for children to play. The materials used are soft and non-toxic so there is no worry about endangering your young ones.

Kid Friendly

This provides an excellent place for kids to play tag football or soccer without the worry of messing up the yard. The phony grass is very safe to play on, and you don’t have the worry of them being out in the street.

Animal Friendly

What else is eliminated is the constant need to remove muddy footprints during inclement weather. This applies to paw prints of your four-legged friends as well. Using artificial grass does not require any topside dirt, so the exterior yard and the interior of your home will remain clean from lawn dirt and debris.

Less Allergens

A few other benefits to keep in mind when considering artificial grass are that there is less subjection to allergy and hay fever particles. The grass material is UV stabilized and has up to a ten year guarantee against wear. Most importantly is that it saves effort, money and time. Artificial grass is an item that is a worthwhile investment to your home and your wallet.
Posted on Sep 16, 2013


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