9 DIY Door Replacement Tips for Homeowners

9 DIY Door Replacement Tips for Homeowners

Tips to Follow Before Replacing your Door

Before purchasing a new door for your home, follow these below tips.

Pre-Shopping Preparation

The first thing to consider when shopping for a new door is which direction it should face. The direction of the door considers the side where the sun will be providing the most damage as well as other elements. Measure the height, weight, and depth of the door as well as the door jamb.

Before thinking about the needed materials, what style do you want the door? Will it be natural wood or a solid painted color? Lastly, what kind of lock do you want for the door so the appropriate cuts can be made ahead of time?

4 Most Popular Door Materials

1. Paint Grade Douglas Fir
This wood offers a strong color variation based on its grade. It can be primarily stained or it could be colored. This is an ideal choice for a traditional home style with a craftsman touch.

2. Stain Grade Hardwood
This door is a high density touch, offering an even staining surface. Woods such as oak, walnut, cherry, maple, and mahogany make great choices.

3. Fiber Glass
Fiber glass tends to not be as expensive and offers a wide range of qualities and pricings. This material is highly durable and considered indistinguishable from real wood.

4. Steel
Steel is considered energy efficient. However it can become prone to denting and rusting. A special painting technique has to be used on this surface.
Posted on Jul 06, 2013


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