The 9 Feng Shui Bagua Quadrants

The 9 Feng Shui Bagua Quadrants

Feng Shui and Bagua Quadrants

A listing of the different types of bagua quadrants and associated characteristics for each room in your home.

Wealth and Prosperity

This area of your home represents the elements that influence your wealth. Using live and colorful plants, fountains or pictures of moving water, and red and purple colors will help to stimulate this area. For a kitchen that is located in the wealth area, do not paint the room green as it represents instability. Never leave out dirty and empty dishes in the wealth area.

Fame and Reputation

This area of your home is use to express who you are and what you want to bring to the world. Colors of bright red, oranges, and yellows are good with candles or a fireplace. For a laundry room or bathroom that is located in this area, do not keep dirty and unpresentable items lying about. Keep the lid of the washing machine and dryer closed.

Love and Relationships

This area is focused on the energy you desire in the future or current relationships. Colors that are red and pink with tall light fixtures add emphasis to this part of your home. Art should express ideas of love and ideal relationships. If the bedroom is located in this quadrant, keep pictures of children and friends out with no tv or desk to distract you.

Children and Creativity

This quadrant is reflective on your creative and supportive energy towards your kids. Use art that is inspiring to you with round style art for pictures of your children. Soft pastels and white colors are the best choices for this area. For children’s bedrooms put books in the wisdom corner and desks in the relationship area of the room to connect them to their studies.


This area is the center of the home and has an energy vortex which works much like the human heart to direct the flow and energy throughout the home. Art that represents harmony between all five elements would be good for this area to include a small bamboo fountain for wood and water. Tying a red ribbon around the bamboo represents fire and stones for earth. Metal coins in the basin help to reflect the metal element.

Health and Family

This part of the home is focused on all areas of the family health, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. This area should be enhanced with décor that reflects harmony and calm energy in order to bring peace to your family. If you want to have a happy family, than use colors of blue and vibrant greens with touches of bright colors and brown earthy tones. Lots of light and mirrors are good for this part of the home with a comfortable center rug. In a living room do not put to many cushions on a seat which will make the chair or couch uninviting.

Wisdom and Self Cultivation

This area should be connected to your desire for personal and spiritual growth. A clean and open space with pictures of wise objects for meditation and dark wood floors is good. In the front yard, you can have walkways that curve towards the house and a bright greenery to bring in energy. Statues of Buddha or a zen garden will help to improve concentration.


This area is related to the career and path in life. This will help you always reflect energy of this area towards your career goals. This area has one color, black so any pictures or images in the room should be black and white and spaced apart to give them a strong presence. Pictures of vast sky or water will help to create endless possibilities and a small indoor water feature. Make sure to use good lighting when no windows or natural light is present.

Helpful People and Travel

This area of the home should be dictated by energy that attracts positive connections and express gratitude to others. The colors of this area should be in white and grey and should depict soft, curving shapes to the metal element. Photos or images of travel to places you went as well as pictures of people who have helped you in this are preferable. Frame pictures of place you want to travel, tall curving lamps or sculptures. A garage should always be free of clutter as an inviting entrance into your home. Good car feng shui means parking backwards so headlights are pointed away from the home.
Posted on Sep 01, 2013


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