9 Great Outdoor Patio Layout Ideas

9 Great Outdoor Patio Layout Ideas

Patio Envy: When The Grass Is Greener On Your Side

Last summer, you had a comfortable patio. A combination of comfortable furniture, beautiful colored cushions and a sleek grill. Your neighbors might have felt jealous, however, if you don’t take care of your furniture and keep it covered, your perfect patio might just be starting to lose the shine.


It is important to understand that more than a fifth of planned cookouts fail due non cleanable grills. In a year, your 57% of your neighbors might be have used a telephoto lens to check on your grill. Two out of every three burgers grilled have dirt blown to the grill from a near piece of land and finally, almost half of Americans would prefer a smart grill to a car.

Tables and Chairs

If you are sitting on uncovered patio during winter, only three percent will have a fine layer, by spring, 32% might prefer to throw it away and 49% of them will provide a good dying place for bugs. On the other hand, if you sit on a covered patio. 79% of the people are likely to be a suitable place to fire up the grill.

Fire Pits

You are not alone, one in two neighbors have a similar fire pit and 32% have either given up on keeping the fire pit clean. 81% of your neighbors have wished for a new fire pit and another 14% have abandoned their fire pit to be rained on. Only 69% of the people use the fire pit at least thrice in a week while nine out of ten people will swear that they make the tastiest marshmallows.

Cushions to Bench

When you have a new sit, during the first days, your sit is the perfect love seat. As days goes by, you enjoy the summer while sitting on the bench. You take long afternoon readings, sleep, and enjoy your evening cookouts. When the cold weather sets in, you enter to the house leaving your loveseat to be rained on. An overnight freeze makes the paint of your loveseat to peel off. You do not cover the cushion during snow fall. As time go, raccoons build a nest on the moldy cushion. After winter, it’s no longer a loveseat but an ordinary bench.

Lounge Chairs

They are the most stolen pieces of patio furniture. From a survey conducted, 67% of convicted thieves admitted the lounge was just to comfy to resist while 59% stole the lounge since it was the easiest to thing to carry. 39% of the thieves admitted that that the lounge chairs they owned were too old, and untidy for them to sit on.


Among the strangest things you are likely to find in a close patio umbrella are wasp nests, molds and kitten litter.

Protecting Furniture

Ravenna covers are durable and made of weather proof fabric. They have padded handles and a 4 point attachment system. You should open up the patio only when using it and always close it down if you are not using it.
Posted on Sep 13, 2013


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