9 Sins of Horrible Next Door Neighbors from Hell

9 Sins of Horrible Next Door Neighbors from Hell

9 Ways to Be a Bad Neighbor

Here is a list of ways to be considered the least desirable neighbor in your area.

1. Being too Loud
If more than 90% of the noises from your home escape through your door and window, you will surely draw unwanted attention to yourself. A soundproof window can reduce noise levels up to 95%.

2. Messy Yard and Lawn
Most plants you see only produce several hundred seeds. However a single weed can produce 100,000. Keep your yard and lawn maintained.

3. A Parking Hog
The average household has 2.28 vehicles which means you can quickly be considered a parking hog if you own even more than that.

4. Leftover Dog Waste
Not picking up dog waste on the neighbors curb can not only have them disliking you and your pet, but cost you money. In New York, a $250,000 penalty can exist for those that do not pick up after their animals. In London, it can cost as much as $700,000.

5. Damaged Sidewalk
A damaged sidewalk is a liability that most home owners do not want to take. A slip and fall accident on our property can cost you money. You may also be issued a citation from the city. While homeowners insurance may pick up a part of the costs, you may be liable for the rest.

6. Loud House Colors
Do you have the bright pink home on the block? If you like to stand out, most likely your neighbors will notice you as well in a less desirable light. According to the Cost vs. Value Report, replacing vinyl siding is one of the least expensive things you can perform on your home with the highest ROI given back to you.

7. Intense Lights
Those large bright floodlights are actually suggested to aid in criminal activity not prevent it.

8. Roof Falling Apart
Is the sky falling or is that just your roof? Shingle warranties exist from 20 to over 50 years. Manufacturers however may void the warranty if not installed properly.

9. Hazardous Trees
A hazardous tree may end up going into your neighbor’s yard or damaging their house. This can result in increased insurance premiums and an unwanted lawsuit.
Posted on Jul 22, 2013


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