Acceptance From - Top 100 Real Estate Agents in the US

Do these two steps now to accept your nomination as one of the "Top 100 Real Estate Agents in the United States."

top-100-real-estate-agents#1 Copy the html badge code below into the homepage of your website. The badge will show that you have been chosen as one of the top 100 US real estate agents. You can see how the badge looks below.

If you have trouble copying the code above, then click on the link below to grab the code:

The badge will look like this on your site:

Top 100 US Real Estate Agents

#2 Fill out the form below. Include the website url of where you will place your "Top 100 US Landlords" badge and the description that you want us to use next to your company name in your listing. Once we verify that you have accepted the nomination and placed the badge on your website, you will officially be added to the list.

Name of Company Contact:
Email Address:
Company or Agent Name:
Website and Location of Badge:
Description of agent or company to use for top 100 US RE Agents listing:

Posted on Nov 12, 2012