Are Tax Liens Public Record

All tax liens are public record. Tax season might be a time for refunds and celebration for some households, but for those who can't afford their tax payments, it can be a nightmare.

When a tax debt remains unpaid, a lien can be placed on the property by whomever is owed the taxes.


The tax liens will remain on the property until they are paid in full.

Sometimes the government agency that placed the lien will keep it, but at other times they may sell it to a tax lien investor.

Either way, the impact on a household's credit is swift and negative.

A tax lien can be as damaging as a foreclosure or a bankruptcy.

It will not begin to work its way off a credit report in most circumstances until the debt is paid in full and then it will remain for another 7 years.

Avoiding a Tax Lien Is a Best Practice

Because tax liens are a public record, this means anyone can research someone to determine if there is an outstanding debt.

This can affect job applications, the ability to get credit, and create a negative impact on personal finances.

Lower credit scores almost always translate to higher interest rates.

Sometimes, however, a tax lien may be withdrawn, but still be on a credit report. In this circumstance, the individual with the tax lien on their report will need to dispute the item in writing.

A withdrawn tax lien cannot usually be paid in full, which means it will always stay active.


The best outcome is to pay a tax responsibility before it becomes overdue.

If you know that you'll not be able to pay the amount in full, then pay as much as you can and then make payment arrangements for the remainder that is outstanding.

There may be fees and penalties involved, but those are better than a tax lien.

Take charge of your finances today.

Avoid having a tax lien on your public record so that you'll be able to have an easier path toward the strong financial future you want.

Posted on Mar 30, 2015


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