Average Cost of a Bathroom Renovation

Average Cost of a Bathroom Renovation

Popular Bathroom Renovations

In the year of 2010 to 2011, a lot of Americans are spending three-hundred fifty-nine billion dollars for home improvement.
Likewise, almost fourteen million five-hundred eleven thousand households that are living in America are remodeling their bathrooms in the year of 2010. This is equal to six point thirty-six percent of the overall households in the United States.

Bathroom Remodeling Statistics

In the year of 2011, the majority of households in the United States are spending eleven billion three-hundred thirty-seven million. Actually, there are top-most metropolitan areas in the United States that are spending more on remodeling their bathrooms. Boston, Providence, New York, Washington D.C, San Francisco and San Jose are the leading areas with all homeowners remodeling their bathrooms.

As per the demography on the renovation of bathroom, most of the homeowners that are aging fifty-five report for approximately fifty percent in the improvement spending. Apart from it, the generation on baby bust is also expanding its attendance in the market for home improvement.

Average Cost of a Bathroom Remodel

Nevertheless, the amount that is spent in remodeling the bathroom is also listed. In fact, an average of almost nine-thousand one-hundred thirty-nine dollars is spent for their major bathroom remodeling. An average of one-thousand five-hundred twenty one dollars is spent for only minor improvements.

On the other hand, fifty percent of the many households are spending below one-thousand dollars. Twenty-six percent of the entire households are also spending one-thousand dollars to even two-thousand nine-hundred ninety nine dollars. Apart from it, twenty-four percent of the overall households are spending almost over three-thousand dollars.

Tips for your Bathroom Remodeling Project

More so, there are also tips to consider in reducing the costs on all bathroom renovations. For once, there is a need to reglaze the tub and not to replace it. This can help for you to even save almost a half of the total costs acquired in minimizing the dust and replacing the tub.

Instead of using a ceramic tile, there is a need to make use of a marble sheet in surrounding the tub. The labor costs are saved considerably. Marble sheets are also a lot easier to use. Bathroom furniture that saves space can also be used. There is also a need to purchase for shower and tub combinations for you to save more.

A more integrated bathroom piece can also be utilized. Marble lavatories are a great choice on your budget. They can be well-integrated on most countertops and sink bowls in just a single unit. They are surely perfect for you to achieve a more perfect and more defined bathroom.

Nevertheless, there is a need to point what exactly are the things needed inside the bathroom. If there is a need to put a largely-made tub in the project, there is a need to add a specific water heater that is even more dedicated on the tub. Such a big jetted tub may even hold seventy-five gallons or even more. The existing water can also extend over that result to even more expensive problems in the near future.

On the other hand, there are also eco-friendly bathrooms that can even be used. In the year of 1992, the Energy Policy Act requires the use of three point five gallons for every flush. Thirty percent of the household residents in the United States use water mainly for toilets.
Posted on Jan 16, 2014


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