Backyard Landscaping Ideas and Examples of Dream Backyards

Backyard Landscaping Ideas and Examples of Dream Backyards

Creating Your Dream Backyard

Backyards can be considered an extension of your home. Homeowners typically choose to underutilize this outside space. There are many ways to create an outside oasis. Here is a look at the different designs for a backyard and what components will make your dream a reality.

Contemporary Backyard

A contemporary backyard is designed with minimal pieces and easy to maintain. Aluminum fencing is preferred for a contemporary style and placed around the perimeter of your backyard. This adds a modern elegance while providing a form of safety. The hardscape is clean and based on geometric lines. Natural stone is a good option for this design, incorporating tones of grey and brown for added sophistication.

Landscaping is typically easy to maintain from incorporating a touch of shrubs and plants. These gardens should be self-contained in designated spots throughout your overall yard design. An added rectangular pool will maintain a contemporary feel.

Classic Backyard

A classic backyard features cedar fencing for privacy and added looks. Postcaps integrating within the fencing construction will create a timeless style. Hang herbs in pots from the fence. Landscaping includes plenty of green grass. Flowers and shrubs can be laid down around the perimeter with a garden laid somewhere within the middle to blend into the landscape.

For hardscape design, a wooden deck can be added for entertaining, with easy entrance and exit to the home. The stain can be light or dark depending upon the tastes of the homeowner.

Relaxing Retreat

The relaxing retreat is made with the cedar fencing as well but has an arbor underneath the threes with a bench for reading. Surround a hot tub with a fence for added privacy, Landscape of choice is lush and shady trees to create a sense of tranquility and relaxation. A Meditation garden with flowers should be added to maximize the enjoyment of a serene getaway.

Added hardscape includes a natural stone patio with comfortable chairs. Incorporating an elevated firepit as a focal point with a decorative water feature for added sounds will offer a sense of overall harmony to your space.
Posted on Jul 02, 2013


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