Benefits and Costs of Triple Pane Replacement Windows

Benefits and Costs of Triple Pane Replacement Windows

How to Choose the Best Window Replacement

Replacing a single or double pane window with a triple pane can save you $126 to $465 a year. As a result, you can be obtain a more comfortable temperature in your room and help your furniture from fading from natural sunlight seeping through.

How Windows Impact Your Home

Here are a list of ways of how windows can impact your home and living.

Radiation – The movement infrared heat seeps through the glass.
Conduction – The direct transfer of heat through the window from inside to the outside.
Convection – A cool draft throughout the home from air releases. Heat towards the cooler glass sinks towards the floor.
Air Leakage – The passage of heated indoor air seeping through the gaps and around weather stripping.

Different Types of Panes

Single pane windows are considered the least expensive and more often or not is accompanied with a storm window and screen combo. These are also the least efficient of all the options out there.

Double pane windows may increase the efficiency of Low-E type glass and is filled with glass between the glasses.

Triple pane windows are the most efficient of the three and block the most heat from leaving the interior.

Window Frame Materials

Multiple options exist for window frame materials from aluminum and wood to steel and fiber glass.

Aluminum – The least costly option is aluminum that has bad thermal resistance but good durability. It is also considered a low maintenance option.
Vinyl – Is considered the best value as it has very good thermal resistance, low maintenance and good durability at a low cost.
Wood – This option is costlier and has high maintenance associated with it. However, durability varies with very good thermal resistance.
Steel – The pro of steel is the superior durability and very low maintenance associated with the higher cost. It has medium thermal resistance.
Fiber Glass – This is a good medium level option as the durability and thermal resistance are both very good with low maintenance and a higher cost.

Reading Window Labels

When shopping for a replacement window, here are some tips for understanding what the label is telling you.

Energy Star – This logo means the product is distinguished as meeting certain energy performance criteria.
Low-E – Not optimal for homes in hot climates but is good for cold ones.
SHGC – Colder climates require a number around 0.4 and a low SHGC of less than .27 for hot climates.
Air Leakage – A low air leakage value of .3 or less is great for all climates.
U-Factor – The U-Factor should be less than .6 for warmer climates and less than .35 for combination climates, and less than .3 for colder climates. This measures the total heat flow through a window to outside air.
Visible Transmittance - Every climate needs a high visible transmittance to reduce the amount of visible light entering the windows.
Posted on Aug 13, 2013


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