Benefits of a Natural Light Solar Powered Attic Fan

Benefits of a Natural Light Solar Powered Attic Fan

Saving Money With Solar Energy

Saving money with solar energy has never been easier. Photo-voltaic panels continue to get cheaper and government incentives continue to make using solar energy for at least part of your energy needs a cost effective alternative. Government rebates and incentives vary greatly from state to state but in states like Florida and California the savings can be substantial.

Solar Attic Fans

Solar attic fans save you money in many ways and quickly pay for themselves. On a hot sunny day temperatures in your attic can exceed 150 degrees. This makes cooling the living areas of your house much more difficult. If you have a central A/C system the attic duct-work can cause an additional load on your system. Keeping your attic cool can also extend the life of your roof by up to 10%. Many state governments offer a rebate equal to 30% of the cost of your fan and savings in cooling costs quickly make up for the remainder.

Solar Tubes

Solar tubes can save energy on lighting. Solar tubes collect light and concentrate it using lenses and reflectors to supply light where you need it. Solar tube lighting is commonly used bathrooms or other interior rooms where there are no windows. Solar tubes provide free light whenever the sun is out.

Solar Water Heaters

Solar water heaters are one of the oldest ways of saving money using the sun. As with all solar energy systems your location and available solar resources will dictate how much money you will save. Almost every state offers rebates to cover part of the cost of installation. Solar water systems also add to the value of your house but they are typically exempt from property tax. If you have a swimming pool, systems can also be installed to heat your pool water.

Solar Generated Electricity

Solar generated electricity has been one of the fastest growing ways to save money using the sun. Installation rebates encourage people to install new systems and the energy savings alone can pay for the remaining costs in only a few years. Many states have loan programs available that make it possible to have a solar electricity system installed with no up front costs incurred to the homeowner.

With additional equipment it is possible in many states to feed energy back into the grid when your solar electric system is producing more energy than you require. Your utility bill is further reduced by the amount of energy that you produce. These systems also eliminate the need for battery storage for your system. Some utilities even pay more for solar energy you produce than you pay for energy that you consume from the grid. These programs provide even more incentive to install a solar electric system and more reasons to conserve energy. Two way grids are rapidly expanding the installation of small energy producing systems like solar panels, and wind generators.
Posted on Oct 30, 2013


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